‘The View’ Ponders Kim Kardashian’s Ecstasy Reveal But Social Media Rips Her Apart

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Kim Kardashian didn’t create too much of a surprise when she revealed she used ecstasy during two life-changing events in the past. What she did create was bewilderment and anger, which is evident on social media today.

Not too many fans were surprised to learn that Kim Kardashian made her infamous sex tape with Ray J while under the influence of ecstasy. She revealed this tidbit on last night’s Keeping Up With the Kardashians show. She also said that she was on the drug when she got married back in 2000.

Fans ran with Kardashian’s reveal to social media sites. Along with a bunch of derogatory comments, a theme of bewilderment also started to form online. On Monday’s show, the ladies of The View were also a bit confused about Kim sharing this. They wondered why she picked this time in her life to mention the drug use.

Sharon Osbourne asked why Kim would bring this up now. First, the ladies had a few laughs about Kardashian saying her “jaw was shaking, like the whole time,” in the sex tape. She said that everyone knew she was on ecstasy because of her jaw action.

Once they made a few innuendos regarding Kim’s quivering jaw, they offered up some serious concerns about Kim revealing this when it didn’t seem to have a purpose. This was also a concern reflected across the social media sites.

What Kim Kardashian says, wears, and does is imitated by young girls across the nation and even in other parts of the world today. Some of the fans, who were coming from a mindset that Kim’s a role model, shared their disappointment online. Despite her drug use being long ago, many fans thought that it wasn’t something she needed to share.

One fan tweeted, “this is our ‘role model’ this is who tons of young girls aspiring to be or adore.” Another Twitter user tweeted “great role model.” Others just found there was absolutely no reason for Kim sharing this information. “Do we really need to know this? NO would be the answer,” wrote another Twitter user.

There were a number of people who saw Kim Kardashian sharing her ecstasy stories as par for the course. One Twitter user shared thoughts about how Kim got to this point in her life.

“This family always has to find something to stay in the public eye!! Sisters getting too much attention this weekend?? Thank Kris J and Ryan S for exploiting these girls for fame and fortune!! They may have cash but look at their life choices?!?”

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I’m thankful for the glow up

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Still, many people are tired of hearing about Kim Kardashian whose fame isn’t connected with any type of talent. A Twitter user sized it up with “It’s so comical the fixation with someone that produces nothing!!”

Kim is a mom of three young kids and in a few years her oldest, North West, will be at the age where she can surf the online world. Is this something Kim wants her daughter to know about her? Sure once her kids are at an age where they can get online, there’s a lot to find out. For one thing, Kim making that sex tape in the first place is probably something she’ll need to explain someday. But still, why add this new ecstasy information to her online deeds?

Many of the online comments boiled down to “who cares” and asking – “this is news?” But some fans of the 38-year-old celebrity were proud of her for telling the truth. During the conversation on Sunday night’s show, it was more like Kim was offering up evidence to her sister and Scott Disick.

It looked like Kim was presenting evidence that she too once had a wild side, according to USA Today. While it didn’t surprise the masses, it looked as if it surprised her family members.

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On Keeping Up With the Kardashians, it was Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick talking with Kim. They suggested how Kim’s anything but wild today. It seemed as if Kim used these stories about ecstasy to prove them wrong.

No one wants young kids thinking it’s some kind of rite of passage for a teenager to sew their wild oats while doing this drug. Although Kim did connect some of the mistakes she made in life to the use of this drug, some believe it would have been better left unsaid.