‘Teen Mom OG’s’ Ryan Edwards’ Wife Speaks Out After He Leaves Rehab, Shares Quote About Trials & Tribulations

Mackenzie StandiferInstagram

Ryan Edwards’ wife, Mackenzie Standifer, has spoken out after his reported exit from rehab.

Taking to Instagram on November 25, Standifer posted a quote from Mark Rector, one which discussed trials and tribulations.

“Whatever it is you’re going through… whatever trial, whatever tribulation, you are being molded into a more useful person. You are inspiring other people. People are praying for you. People are caring. People are expressing love. You may feel like sh*t but look at all the good being caused as a result of your struggle. Hold your head high… because your only other option is to give up. And goddamn that hurts more than hope.”

Hours after the quote was shared, Standifer returned to social media with another message to her fans — revealing that some days are “more fun than others” from inside of her Chevrolet Camaro.

As for Edwards, he has not yet spoken out on rehab — and when it comes to their baby boy, neither party has shared any images of the child’s face. Instead, Standifer has teased fans with a couple of photos of baby Jagger which featured an emoji over the baby’s face.

Ryan Edwards’ latest Instagram post was shared with his fans and followers on July 20, and included several harsh statements about MTV. MTV reportedly opted out of including him in the eighth season of Teen Mom OG.

Ryan Edwards reportedly left rehab several days ago after tending to a 90-day program, per Us Weekly. As fans will recall, the reality star has been accused of using hard drugs — including heroin — and has been arrested several times over the past couple of years.

In July, after confirming he would not play a role on the eighth season of Teen Mom OG, Edwards went on a rant against MTV on Instagram, calling the network out for refusing to showcase his struggles with drug addiction on the show.

“Don’t take everything you see on MTV as factual truth. They don’t want to show me or Mack in a happy light or that I am active in my recovery. I AM,” he wrote. “They want me to look angry, passive aggressive and uncaring regarding things that mean the most to me. I’m done taking their sh*t and letting the world believe this by standing up for myself. You’re believing a lie. And soon… very very soon, you WILL see the TRUTH behind the LIAR.”

Teen Mom OG Season 8 airs Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.