Top 10 Hottest Pictures Of ‘Sports Illustrated’ Swimsuit Model Samantha Hoopes On Instagram

Model Samantha Hoopes attends the Schick Hydro Barbershop at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue launch
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Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit” model Samantha Hoopes has become a favorite of those who race to buy each annual edition of the magazine. Hoopes has been featured for several years in a row now and when taking a peek at her Instagram page, it is easy to see why. The 27-year-old model first hit the scene via a commercial for Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. and it’s been a wild ride since then.

Samantha Hoopes first appeared in the 2014 Sports Illustrated’s“50th Anniversary Swimsuit” issue and she’s been featured in each issue since then. Hoopes has also appeared in Maxim and has modeled for Guess and Levi’s.

Hoopes grew up in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, as one of five girls. She has been living in California for several years now and just got engaged this past summer. Samantha said yes when now-fiance Salvatore Palella proposed while the two were in Italy together.

This Sports Illustrated “Swimsuit” model has a girl-next-door look and a stunning figure. Samantha tends to share sultry throwback photos via Instagram while adding a bit of inspiration or philosophical musing, and her followers always eat it up.

Hoopes can also joke about some of the pictures she shares, like one recent throwback where she is wearing a teeny-tiny bikini top and joking about sharing something “casual for that Friday feeling.” That particular picture was all about Hoopes’ ample bosom and how itty-bitty the bikini top was, although some would have loved to have seen the rest of that revealing bathing suit.

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Thank you @gq ????

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Samantha has shared quite a few sexy topless photos too, always strategically covering what’s necessary to keep it live on Instagram. For example, last summer Hoopes posted a Sports Illustrated picture that showed her from the back, topless, pulling out the string sides of her yellow thong bikini as she looked over her shoulder at the camera.

The Sports Illustrated“Swimsuit” starlet regularly gets followers commenting on how sexy, beautiful, and exquisite she looks. However, she can be critical of herself. In one summertime post, Samantha decided to share her thoughts before any critics could pipe up with some negativity. In one nude shot, Hoopes said she was out of shape and a “little chubby,” but she said it’s what she called living and noted there had been good food and wine involved.

Even if Hoopes thought she looked out of shape in that particular picture, her fans didn’t. Another recent photo was shared for “National Underwear Day” and Samantha joked that she was teaching her mom how to use the camera so she could be Hoopes’ photographer. This was another topless shot that raised the heart rates of her Instagram fans.

In Samantha’s most recent post, she admitted that she tends to feel awkward during photo shoots when she’s supposed to be looking sexy. She added that she giggles watching this video and can’t really take herself seriously during moments like this.

Even if Hoopes has a hard time taking her efforts to look sexy seriously, she manages to produce stunning results. She clearly loves working with the Sports Illustrated family and they know how to get gorgeous shots of the model.

Hoopes can make it look effortless to be as gorgeous as she is, as she doesn’t need to be dolled up to draw attention.

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Some of Samantha’s most popular Instagram posts are ones where she’s looking very casual and is open and honest, like one last spring where she wrote about being “Perfectly imperfect.” At the same time, Hoopes knows how to flaunt what she’s got and make her fans drool.

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I’ve been thinking about this short saying this am & im obsessed… Perfectly Imperfect. Why are we so obsessed with posting everything that is “perfect” in our life and showing the world a false blanket that everything is perfect, your hair and make up is perfect, your boyfriend is perfect, even when it’s not? It’s in the flaws and imperfections in btw that make us human and I think that’s something we should show more! I love when I see on insta everyone posting how happy they are but when you talk with them you come to find out how sad or how unsure people are even though online they try and prove they are happy. Instead of spending all that time photoshopping your pics to make you more fit or have less acne use that time to go to the gym and actually be that way! It’s okay to be you & you should celebrate being Perfectly imperfect ????????

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Samantha Hoopes has become very popular in great part due to being a gorgeous gal with a beautiful figure, but for also seeming real and accessible. The Sports Illustrated“Swimsuit” model has an impressive streak of sexy appearances in the annual edition going and there’s no sign of this ending anytime soon.