Bella Hadid Dons Tiny Corset Top & Flaunts Waist During Malaysia Trip

Dominik Bindl / StringerGetty Images

Bella Hadid looked stunning in her latest social media post. It was geo-tagged in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, which comes as no surprise to her fans that have been keeping up with her Instagram Stories. The model wore her hair up, and was pictured donning a small corset top. This was paired with a colorful and voluminous skirt, one which accentuated her tiny waist. Bella’s fans could be seen on both sides of the model as she smiled widely and walked through a crowd of admirers.

Hadid thanked her fans for their support “from the very bottom of [her] heart” in the caption, adding that she was “overwhelmed with love.” She also mentioned that she’s there as an ambassador for TAG Heuer. The brand is known for their luxury watches, with most pieces priced around $2,000 to $3,000.

Bella was named as an ambassador for the brand in early 2017, as the company reportedly wanted to revive interest among millenials, according to WWD. It appears to be a common tactic among brands seeking renewed interest from the younger crowd, as Bella was also named the face of True Religion jeans for a similar reason. It’s easy to see why, because Hadid has an incredibly large and diverse fan base globally, as evidenced in her newest post.

And when it comes to wearing watches, Hadid described them not just as a utilitarian item, but also as a fashion statement.

“I just wear watches, because it’s easy to be able to look at my wrist. I think, today, it’s beautiful to have a watch — it’s always a classy thing. My dad has always been a lover of watches my whole life. It’s a beauty item, for a classic look. You could look at your phone, but I think it’s easier to have a watch.”

Plus, the company described their marketing strategy, with the “communication” obviously including famous figures like Bella.

“We have a fully integrated strategy [to lure Millennials], which means that we start with the product, then we have the communication — we also have the price strategy for the Millennials, the media — so we really have the different lifestyle angles complete.”

Before Bella headed to the city, she was spotted at the sand dunes. An Instagram picture told the tale as she rode a black ATV and had a blast. Her boyfriend The Weeknd made an appearance in her Stories, with the model also posing on top of an ATV in a crop top and khaki pants.