Nintendo Wii had the worst games of 2009

According to Metacritic, the 362 games released in 2009 for Nintendo’s best-selling Wii received worse reviews than titles on rival consoles this year. The chart above also reveals that games on Sony’s PlayStation 3 had the best reviews, with an overall aggregate score of 72% across its 228 titles.

All of which is absolute flamebait for Nintendo fanboys (the comments here get hilariously defensive), but those who defend Nintendo so stoutly should take heart. Since the dawn of gaming, the console that sells the most units has always attracted the majority of worthless games, as publishers go in search of a quick and easy buck. That is, as they say, how things roll.

Indeed, the exact same thing happened with the NES, SNES, and PlayStation 2, and now the pattern has repeated on the Wii, with game publishers piling on the crappy shovelware from all directions.

This news doesn’t mean you shouldn’t own a Wii (you should, for it has some sublime games and the brilliant Virtual Console). If anything, it just confirms that an age-old trend of the games industry has continued.

[Via Go Nintendo]