‘Baki’ Season 3, Episode 23 Spoilers: Gaia Destroys Sikorsky Using Mastery Of The Environment, Yanagi Defeated

Baki Season 3, Episode 23 features Sikorsky and Yanagi suffering massive defeats against different opponents.

Baki 2018 Episode 23 Recap
Keisuke Itagaki (AKITASHOTEN)1992 / Netflix

Baki Season 3, Episode 23 features Sikorsky and Yanagi suffering massive defeats against different opponents.

Baki Season 3, Episode 23, which is currently available on Netflix, started with the continuation of the battle between Sikorsky and Gaia. Upon entering the underground arena, Gaia immediately made his presence felt by demonstrating his unique technique, “Mastery of the Environment.” Gaia has the ability to turn everything in his surrounding into weapons. In the underground arena, Gaia used the sand and bone fragments to attack Sikorsky.

The Russian fighter was unable to fight back because of Gaia’s continuous attack. However, Baki Season 3, Episode 23 revealed that Gaia was just warming up. After getting enough sweat, Gaia used the sand as a camouflage to make himself look invincible. Gaia left Sikorsky and the audience amazed.

Sikorsky failed to track Gaia’s location. Gaia told Sikorsky that what they are doing is not martial arts but a way to survive in a battlefield. Gaia resumed his attacks by touching different parts of Sikorsky’s body. Gaia vowed to destroy one of the most dangerous death row inmates in the world physically and mentally.

Sikorsky can’t do anything but watch Gaia proceed with his plan. After demonstrating the advantage of being in a camouflage, Gaia finally started hitting the enemy with critical blows. He succeeded to rip Sikorsky’s skins and break some of his bones. Gaia told Sikorsky that his attack will be coming every 10 seconds. Sikorsky went on full defensive mode and became more anxious waiting for Gaia’s attacks. After a series of consecutive blows, Gaia broke Sikorsky’s spirits and forced him to admit defeat. The owner of the underground arena, Mitsunari Tokugawa, came in and announced that the fight is over.

Baki Season 3, Episode 23 also showed Ryuukou Yanagi being challenged by Master Goki Shibukawa to a duel. Yanagi waited for Master Shibukawa in the park, but the one who came was Izou Motobe, a master of Japanese Jiu-Jitsu. However, instead of fighting Yanagi using his bare hands, Motobe decided to use a katana.

Motobe clearly held the upper hand in the fight even if Yanagi also used the weapon hidden inside his coat. Motobe told Yanagi that when he relied on using weapons, he forgot about his most effective technique – the poison hand. Before Yanagi made a move, Motobe immediately cut his poison hand using the katana. When Motobe was about to finish one of the most dangerous death row inmates, Yujiro Handa appeared and told Yanagi that he lost the match.

Baki Season 3, Episode 23 revealed that a vision is the main reason why Master Shibukawa didn’t show up in the park where he was supposed to fight Yanagi. Whenever he sees a gate cutting off his path, Master Shibukawa is set to suffer a massive defeat. As of now, Master Shibukawa is still having hallucinations and has no knowledge that Yanagi already suffered his first defeat.