‘One Piece’ Episode 863 Spoilers: Carrot Destroys Daifuku Fleet, Strawhat Pirates Fight Big Mom On Their Ship

tofoli.douglasFlickr / Public Domain

One Piece Episode 863, which is currently available at Chia-Anime, featured the continuation of the battle between Strawhat Pirates captain Monkey D. Luffy and Big Mom Pirates sweet general Charlotte Katakuri. Despite noticing the huge difference between their powers, Luffy still decided to return to the Mirror World and fight the undefeated commander.

Luffy continues to take critical blows from Katakuri, who is combining his Conqueror’s Haki with his devil fruit power. The Strawhat Pirates captain can’t counter-attack because of the enemy’s ability to slightly predict the future. However, as Silvers Rayleigh told him, his Haki can become stronger in the heat of an actual battle. In the latest episode of One Piece, it’s very noticeable that Luffy is doing something unusual while Katakuri is attacking him. Like the Big Mom Pirates sweet general, Luffy could also be trying to enhance his Observation Haki and learn how to slightly predict the future.

One Piece Episode 863 also showed Carrot in her Sulong form. The rabbit mink succeeded to destroy numerous ships of the Daifuku fleet. Daifuku tried to stop her by unleashing the genie in his lamp. Unfortunately, instead of taking down the enemy, the genie made it easier for Carrot to fulfill her mission.

However, One Piece Episode 863 revealed that the Sulong form can easily drain a mink’s stamina. Luckily when Carrot was about to collapse and get hit by Daifuku’s genie, Brook came to save her. Baron Corpse carried Carrot in his back and returned to the Thousand Sunny. In order to transform to her normal form, Carrot said that she only needed to keep her eyes away from the full moon.

When they arrived at the ship, the Strawhat Pirates praised Carrot for a job well done and gave her the permission to rest in a room where she can’t see the full moon. However, though they already have a safe path after the annihilation of the Daifuku fleet, the Strawhat Pirates will be facing a much bigger problem.

Emperor Big Mom becomes more determined to get the wedding cake from the Strawhat Pirates as she continues to get thinner. By only riding Charlotte Perospero’s Candy Wave, Emperor Big Mom was unable to catch up with the Thousand Sunny. However, when Zeus and Prometheus returned, she managed to board the Strawhat Pirates’ ship. As of now, the Strawhat Pirates are left with no choice but to fight the lady Yonko. Though it will be a four-on-one fight, it remains a big question mark if the Strawhat Pirates can beat Big Mom without Luffy.

One Piece Episode 863 also featured Vinsmoke Sanji, Lady Pudding, and Charlotte Chiffon starting to decorate the wedding cake in the Nostra Castello. Capone Bege tried to put poison in the wedding cake but Sanji stopped them. Sanji defeated Bege with the deliciousness of the sweets he made. Sanji said that he will let Bege and the Fire Tank Pirates do whatever they want after Big Mom eats the wedding cake.