‘Once Upon A Time’ Episode 2.13: ‘Tiny’ Recap

Mr. Gold shows up to Emma so they can go find his son. Emma says she doesn’t want to leave Henry, so Gold says he will buy another ticket for him. David tells him to take care of his family, and Gold promises no harm will come to them.

The three unlikely traveling companions are driving to Logan Airport, and Emma asks if Gold thinks his charm will work when they cross the town line. They cross and Emma says, “Gold?” He responds, “My name is Rumple. And I’m going to find my son.”

Regina goes to Mary Margaret and David’s and says she knows they think she is responsible for Archie’s death. They say they know Cora framed her. She wants to see Henry but he’s with Emma and Gold. Regina is upset no one told her, but Mary Margaret says she didn’t think Emma needed to run it by her.

Mary Margaret, Leroy and David go to Hook to find Cora. Leroy tells Hook not to try anything funny, and Mary Margaret says he’ll help because he’s a pirate and knows which way the wind blows. “And right now, it’s gusting toward us,” she says. Hook leads them to the ship, which is still enchanted, and David asks what he knows about Cora’s plans. He pats a tarp and says he knows her weapon of choice is underneath it. He takes the tarp off and reveals the giant.

The giant — whose name is Anton — is gathered with other giants. They call him “Tiny” because he is smaller than the rest of them. They raise a toast and a small harp falls out of his jacket. He is confronted by the head giant and asks him if he forgot what humans are capable of. The head giant asks if he forgot that they don’t trade beans with humans anymore and Anton asks why they continue to grow beans if they don’t do anything with them. Another giant named Abraham crushes the harp and Anton runs off and climbs down the beanstalk.

In Storybrooke, Leroy asks if Cora used magic to make Anton “travel size.” Hook says he doesn’t know anything else about her plans and Mary Margaret opens the cage to talk to him. He wakes up and asks where Cora is. He sees David and hits him and Leroy tackles him. Mary Margaret draws her bow and arrow and tells him to step away from David. Anton says he hasn’t forgotten what David did and that he’ll pay.

Ruby visits Belle and Belle doesn’t know who she is. Ruby introduces herself and gives her a Jules Verne novel, The Mysterious Island. Belle asks if they were really friends and Ruby says they were. Belle says Gold healed her and she saw him hold a ball of fire in his hand. Ruby says her medication can make her hallucinate, but Belle says she knows what she saw. The stranger, Greg, asks what happened and Ruby says nothing.

David, Leroy and Mary Margaret are at the diner and Mary Margaret asks what Anton meant. Apparently he has mistaken David for his brother, James. In Fairy Tale Land, James is with a woman when his father comes in and tells him there’s trouble in the kingdom. He tells him a giant is loose and James asks what needs to be done.

James spots Anton watching humans in a tavern. Anton says he’s always been fascinated by human customs and James says he can show him around. The woman he’s with gives Anton a piece of mushroom that she says she’s pretty sure will make him smaller. He asks her name and she says, “Jacqueline, but most people call me Jack.”

At the airport, Gold is told his shawl and cane need to go into the basket. Gold is worried he’ll forget who he is if he takes it off. He limps through the metal detector and appears to be fine.

Regina come to Hook and asks if he was expecting her mother, whom he was supposed to kill. Regina says they’ve made amends and asks if Mary Margaret and the other have found the ship. He says they have and Regina asks if he took her things off the ship. Hook says the giant took one look at David and became murderous. Regina says it’s just the distraction they need.

Anton is shrunk down to human size and goes into the tavern. Jack says his “family” sounds kind of bad, and James and Jack say it’s like he was always meant to be with them. A woman begins playing a harp and Anton says he had one once and didn’t know they made such beautiful music. Jack reveals that the kingdom is broke and they can’t pay back the other kingdoms. Anton says the giants have enough treasure to help pay off their debts and Jack asks if he would help them. He says he will if he is going to stay there.

Regina finds Anton and he says he hates humans and will kill her if she comes closer. Regina says she knows he wants to kill David and will help him. She gives him a piece of mushroom that will make him bigger and return him to his former glory. He eats it and grows back to his normal size. Regina tells him to get to work destroying Storybrooke since the mushroom won’t last forever.

Gold is anxious and Emma asks what’s wrong. He tells her to stop asking that and goes to the bathroom. He starts punching the paper towel dispenser and finds that he can’t heal his bruised hand. Henry comes in and says they’ll be boarding soon.

Anton goes back up the beanstalk and the head giant asks where he went and says they were worried. Anton says he’s going back and the head giant says they love him and he’s their brother. Anton says the treasure can help them all be happy. Sentry birds tell the head giant someone has come to their land, and they realize the humans are attacking.

Anton is wreaking havoc in Storybrooke. David tells everyone to go to the town hall. He says Anton doesn’t have to keep destroying the town and that James was the one who hurt him but now he’s dead. Mary Margaret says he knows Emma and Anton asks to talk to her. Mary Margaret says she isn’t available and Anton says he’s sick of being lied to and cheated.

Jack and James climb up the beanstalk and say they’ve come for the beans. Jack and James proceed to fight the giants.

Leroy asks about David’s brother and says his cursed name is the same as his brother’s name and that he’ll call him whatever he wants. David tells Anton he’ll surrender if he spares the town. Anton agrees and goes to jump on David. He falls into the ground and is somehow made human size by magic.

The human armies have overcome the giants. Abraham and Andre have fallen. The head giant tells Anton he has to take the beans and destroy them because it is his birthright.

The townspeople gather to save Anton from the hole. David ties himself to a rope and lowers himself in, but not before Mary Margaret gives him a kiss for not letting Anton die after what he did to the town. David tells Anton to take his hand but Anton says he should let go because death may hurt less than life. David says if he wanted to die he would have let go already. David pulls him up and assures Anton that not all humans are the same.

Jack stabs the head giant in the leg as James is stealing the giant’s treasure. The head giant picks up Jack and James leaves her behind. The head giant says he has been poisoned and asks if Anton destroyed the beans, which he did. He gives Anton a preserved cutting from the stalk and tells him he will find a new land to plant it.

The townspeople take Anton to Granny’s and Leroy says they can set him up in her inn until he finds somewhere to live. Anton says he’ll set up a tent in the woods because he’s not good with people. Mary Margaret tells him they all miss their land but Storybrooke is their home now. Anton says he might have a way for them to go back and pulls out the stalk cutting.

Anton and the townspeople gather to plant the beanstalk. Anton says it’s what Cora wanted, and Mary Margaret says they won’t let her get to it. Leroy gives him an ax and when he takes it, the name “Tiny” appears. David asks why that didn’t happen when he had an ax and Leroy says, “Because you ain’t a dwarf.” He welcomes Anton as their brother and they begin whistling while they work.

Greg visits Belle in her hospital room and says he’s the one who was driving the car when she was shot. He says he overheard her talking to Ruby and says he knows she’s not crazy because he saw Gold use magic too.

James ponders what would have happened if the king raised him instead of raising James. Mary Margaret says she had fun and that she missed their adventures. David says they can do it everyday after the beanstalk grows. Mary Margaret says she doesn’t want to leave Emma again and she’s not sure if she would come with them.

On the plane to New York, Emma assures Gold they will find Bae, but he looks uncharacteristically anxious and perhaps even scared.