‘This Is Us’ Fall Finale Spoiler Teases Closure For Fans, Cliffhanger Until Show Return

This is Us will air its fall finale on November 27.
Ron Batzdorff / NBC

Fans of NBC’s This Is Us have been led through a tumultuous few months as the secrets of the Pearson family continue to be revealed after two seasons of teases and twists. As the fall finale approaches, viewers can expect some closure for longstanding storylines as well as a cliffhanger before the series takes its fall hiatus.

Elite Daily broke down the teaser for Episode 9 and reported that the answers to the most important questions regarding the family, their spouses, and their future will be answered.

After two years where This is Us fans were eased slowly into the lives of Kate, Kevin, Randall, Jack, and Rebecca, Season 3 exploded with plenty of backstories to whet the appetites of viewers who really wanted to know what made the family’s patriarch Jack truly tick.

Most of Season 3 has focused on Jack Pearson’s complicated past, including his childhood, his service in the army during Vietnam with his brother Nicky, the beginnings of his courtship with then-girlfriend Rebecca, and how life’s twists and turns led them all on paths much different than they originally intended.

In the fall finale episode titled “The Beginning Is the End Is the Beginning,” Kevin and his girlfriend Zoe head into their future having declared their love for one another after a season of uncertainty about their relationship. Together they traveled to Vietnam to find out who the mysterious Vietnamese woman is that appears in a recently unearthed photo with Jack, seen wearing Jack’s necklace that Kevin now wears.

The full truth about Jack’s past life in Vietnam appears to be revealed in the teaser as Kevin tracks down a man who recognizes the photo of Jack and the woman. Jack’s tense relationship with his brother Nicky also appears to reach a crescendo in the fall finale as things become physical between the two siblings after Jack’s attempts to help his troubled brother reach a breaking point.

The teaser also focuses on Randall’s political career, which looks as if it has finally hit its stride after a season of starts and stops. In the clip, Randall is seen giving a charismatic speech with a great response from the audience in attendance, and it looks like, after a tumultuous few months, both Randall and his wife Beth just might find the happiness that has eluded them thus far this season.

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Although Kate and Toby are rarely seen in the trailer, fans should not count the couple out completely for the episode. The fall finale may delve further into Toby’s new normal as he lives with depression and the chance at a new start his child with Kate could bring their new family.

Fans of This Is Us will likely be reaching for their tissues after what is sure to be yet another heartbreaking cliffhanger to keep viewers interested when the show returns this winter.

NBC has not officially announced when This Is Us will return from its fall hiatus. The series is likely to return sometime in January if NBC follows the pattern of the show’s previous two seasons.

The This Is Us fall finale will air on Tuesday, Nov. 27 at 9 p.m. EST on NBC.