Alleged Time Traveler Claims To Know Who Will Replace Trump As President

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It may feel like Donald Trump has been president forever, but his days are numbered according to someone claiming to be a time traveler from the year 2030. The time lord who goes by the name of Noah claims he traveled from a not-too-distant future where time travel is accessible to many.

The Express reports that that man of mystery explains that although Trump will win another term in the 2020 elections, 10 years later a change is going to come.

Noah explained, “For the United States of America the next President will be Donald J Trump.”

“This is not an opinion, this is a fact from the future that actually happens. I’m not here to persuade anyone to political opinions.”

According to Noah, the next U.S. president in the wake of Trump will be a 21-year-old woman. Her name will Yolanda Renee King. If she sounds familiar to you it’s because she is the granddaughter of the civil rights movement activist and Baptist minister Martin Luther King.

Noah revealed, “Also in 2030 there will be a new president – Yolanda Renee King.”

“She’s the first president to be in the new law where you’re able to be very young. She’s sworn into office I think at the age of 21.”

At the moment, Miss King is only 10-years-old, but Noah believes her career in politics is set in stone. The time traveler points out that earlier this year, Ms. King appeared in a gun control rally in Washington, D.C., which he believes clearly indicates her born aptitude for politics.

Although the U.S. constitution currently forbids any citizens under the age of 35 from standing as eligible presidential candidates, Noah stresses that an amendment in the next 20 years will allow Ms. King to pick up the reins and become the first female president in 2028.

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Noah also explained that in the next 10 years not only will time travel be accessible but we would have also made contact with alien species.

“In the future there will be aliens and time travel – it will be open to the public in 2028. You are going to be seeing new alien species in 2028. It will be a crazy thing. Just wait a couple of years and you will be seeing this amazing stuff.”

Sadly, Noah will also have to wait a couple of years too. He claims he cannot return to the future because the technology is not yet available.

Many people remain skeptical of Noah’s claims with one critic snarling, “Why would they use some punk kid to time travel?”