Constance Nunes Flaunts Her ‘Toys’ On Instagram After Sharing Racy Snapshot


Constance Nunes took to social media over the weekend to reveal that she was spending some time with her favorite “toys.”

On Sunday, November 25, Constance Nunes took to her Instagram account to show her fans what she’d been up to over the weekend, which was taking her “toys,” which she calls her cars, out to get “dirty” and have have fun. She also revealed that the fun was over and that she was packed up to return home for the week.

The Car Masters: Rust To Riches star had fans going crazy online as she showed off her cars, which she has made no secret that she absolutely adores. The model and Instagram sensation has become known as a dream girl for many of her admirers, who have been watching her Netflix series.

On the show, Constance is seen getting dirty as she works with her hands as a skilled engine mechanic, who specializes in American iron. The beauty claims to have a passion for muscle cars, and even recently rebuilt a Ford Mustang of her very own.

Nunes has been gaining a lot of popularity, not only for her way with cars, but also for her stunning looks. Constance often posts racy photos of herself on social media, which keeps the attentions of her loyal fans.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Constance Nunes recently shared a racy photo to Instagram, in which she flaunts her ample cleavage in a barely-there red shirt.

In the photo, Constance is seen wearing a full face of make up, complete with pink eye shadow and lips, as her long, dark hair is parted to the side and worn in soft, loose curls. Nunes strikes a sultry pose for the camera as she shows off her famous curves.

In addition, the TV star also recently revealed what she looks for in a guy, which is someone who can make her laugh, and will understand her weird sense of humor as well.

“I like someone who laughs at the dumb s*** I say. I need someone who finds my sense of humor appealing and relatable,” Constance told Maxim, adding that she personally feels that she is sexiest when she is wearing high heels and absolutely “nothing else.”

She also admitted that a guy could get her attention by driving up on a dirt bike or in a muscle car while wearing a Metallica T-shirt and having some “questionable tattoos.”

Fans can see more of Constance Nunes on the Netflix series, Car Masters: From Rust to Riches.