Tyrese’s Ex-Wife Reportedly Insists ‘Living Life’ Is Her Full Time Job, Per Celebrity Insider

Tyrese's Ex-Wife 'Living Life' Is Her Full Time Job
Dia Dipasupil / Getty Images for BET

Tyrese and his ex-wife, Norma, have been embroiled in a heated child support and custody battle for years now. For the majority of their 11-year-old daughter Shayla’s life, Norma has had full custody while the “Stay” singer has been paying thousands in child support each month. But now, Tyrese is reportedly working to turn the tables as he hopes to finally win full custody.

According to Celebrity Insider, Tyrese recently filed court documents in hopes of reducing the amount Norma receives in child support. Last year during Tyrese’s infamous social media meltdown, he revealed he pays $13,000 a month. Now, he’s fighting to reduce that amount and his legal team is suggesting Norma start making strides to support herself financially. After reviewing her financials over the past couple of months, she was questioned about the hefty amount she’d spent for seven hours of childcare back in August.

When the judge asked about the expense, Norma simply said she was “living life.” She went on to explain why she couldn’t get a conventional job insisting she’s currently “working on her book, working on her life, and running errands.”

Needless to say, the response has sparked a heated debate online about the misuse of child support. For several months, Tyrese has taken to social media blasting Norma from the same perspective. But despite his complaints, he’s still been obligated to make the payments.

Despite the rollercoaster year, Tyrese’s holiday season seems to be heading in the right direction. Contrary to how things turned out last year, Tyrese had not one but two awesome things to be thankful for this Thanksgiving.

Following the heated court battle, Tyrese had the opportunity to spend Thanksgiving with both of his daughters. The singer’s current wife, Samantha posted a photo of him spending quality time with Shayla and his newborn daughter Soraya.

Tyrese had also been barred from sharing photos of Shayla on social media but it appears that order has also been lifted. Despite the child abuse allegations Tyrese faced last year, his daughter Shayla appeared to have had an enjoyable Thanksgiving holiday with her father.