November 25, 2018
New 'Child's Play' Fan Film Releases Extremely Creepy Trailer And Poster

Of all the horror movies and franchises undergoing restructuring at the moment like Halloween, IT, Friday the 13th, and Pet Sematary, the one franchise seeing perhaps the most action is the horror saga centered around serial-killer-turned-doll, Charles Lee Ray, better known as Chucky.

Child's Play was originally released in 1988 and spawned six sequels, the most recent being Cult of Chucky. However, it so appears the original creator, Don Mancini, is teaming up with the voice of Chucky, actor Brad Dourif, to create a series based on the classic horror franchise.

What's more, MGM studios is preparing to release a feature-film remake of Child's Play next year as well.

If that wasn't enough Chucky for horror fans, a new fan-made trailer just made its way to the internet and appears to have horror fans buzzing, according to Bloody-Disgusting. The fan film is simply titled Charles and recently debuted online to much praise for its creepy, atmospheric tone.

Charles is written and directed by Tony Bizz and appears to have a simple, but effective, premise.

"A young couple moved into their first apartment & encounter a red headed freckled doll. Soon they discover that their home & doll has an evil presence."
Charles is described by filmmaker Tony Bizz as a non-profit fan film set to be released in 2019. As of yet, no official release date has been announced.
The original 1988 version of Child's Play starred Catherine Hicks, Dinah Manoff, Chris Sarandon, Alex Vincent, and of course, Brad Dourif. Dourif has voiced Chucky in every on-screen iteration of the character to date, though he will not be reprising the role for the Summer 2019 remake. Instead, Dourif has decided to stay loyal to original-creator Don Mancini for the aforementioned upcoming television series.

The Child's Play television series has yet to be given a date of release.

In the original film, a serial murderer known as Charles Lee Ray manages to use an ancient magical spell to transfer his soul into a doll just before being killed. The following six sequels have followed Chucky as he tries to escape the body of the "Good Guy" doll and once again become human.

With each passing sequel, the series abandoned the horror atmosphere more and more, trading it for laughs. That is until Don Mancini returned to the franchise with Curse of Chucky. Curse of Chucky was a return to form for the franchise, focusing on terror and horror, though still keeping the previous sequels intact.