Demi Rose Shakes Basically Bare Backside In New Instagram Video

Demi Rose Mawby attending the 2018 KISS Haunted House Party.
Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images

Famous Instagram model Demi Rose definitely knows how to get her fans and followers in a commenting and liking frenzy. The 23-year-old bombshell is constantly showing off her amazing body to her 7.8 million followers and based on the almost immediate comments and likes each post garners, it’s safe to say the fans are loving what they see.

On Sunday, November 25, Rose took to Instagram to share a hopeful note attached to an incredibly sexy video. In the short clip, Rose can be seen standing on what appears to be a yacht while seductively peeking over her shoulder back at the camera. The clip captures Rose shaking her butt for the camera. She’s wearing a red one-piece swimsuit with a thong-style cut, which completely shows off her bountiful backside. She also had her long brunette hair flowing down her back.

Fans were quick to comment on the video, almost everyone taking the opportunity to compliment Rose’s beauty and body. “Perfect girl,” one follower said. “Excuse me, you are an elegant and beautiful lady,” another commented.

Many people discovered the model after she was romantically linked to Kylie Jenner’s ex Tyga, but she has definitely created a name and influential platform for herself.

She used the caption of the video to share her feelings about the new year. She said she’s looking forward to 2019 and ” all the good vibes it has to offer!”

In order to maintain her figure, Rose regularly undergoes non-surgical butt-lift treatments, according to a report from the Daily Mail. The British model posted an inside look at the procedure to social media. She visited celebrity beautician Shane Cooper, who focused on removing cellulite and tightening the skin around Rose’s already firm butt. Cooper has an extensive client list, including The Only Way Is Essex stars Amber Dowding and Amber Turner, Vogue Williams, Ferne McCann, and Casey Batchelor.

According to a report from Allure, non-surgical butt-lifts have become a popular trend for women.

“There has been a huge request and demand for gluteal augmentation including fillers,” Jaime S. Schwartz, a Beverly Hills-based plastic surgeon told the magazine.

The main appeal for the non-surgical butt-lift is the fact that it doesn’t require much healing time.

“You might be a little sore but that’s it. With a non-surgical butt-lift, you can go back to (almost) all of your normal activities same day,” Darren Smith, a New York City-based plastic surgeon said.

For those interested in the procedure, both surgeons recommend talking to a board-certified plastic surgeon before making any decisions.