Kourtney Kardashian Gets Snark After Posting Pic Of Her And Her Son Poolside

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Kourtney Kardashian received some serious snark after she posted a pic to her Instagram account of her posing poolside on a deck chaise. She had a MacBook balanced on her knees and her youngest son, Reign, beside her.

The pic, captioned “Christmas Shopping,” was uploaded Saturday, and it received some negative feedback from followers that may or may not know that Southern California has balmy temperatures this time of year.

According to Allure, many followers “understandably” commented about “how they’re shopping under much colder circumstances or joked about what gifts they want Kardashian to buy for them.” On the down side, some trolls made mean remarks about Reign — and some implied that the 39-year-old mom should improve her parenting skills.

One commenter wrote, “U Christmas shopping while ur kid is freezing from the poool wowwwww talk about narcissistic.” This snarky type of commentary was mimicked by others, and another follower wrote, “The baby looks rly cold and ur there on ur computer not doing anything about it.”

The ultimate snark was this harsh comment, “I love how at this point kourtney is just posting photos of her neglecting her kids.”

Those that didn’t question the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s choice to let Reign allegedly shiver poolside while she hunted for bargains on her Mac questioned her mom skills for allowing him to grow his hair out so long.

Reign, who will be four years old in December, was unfairly targeted by critics who apparently don’t like long hair on boys. The boy’s locks fall down below his shoulders, and trolls who weren’t fans of the youngster’s long hair gave rude comments saying, “Cut Reign’s hair” and “Trim that girl’s hair.”

One of Courtney’s followers seemed to be angered by it all, especially after he saw the trolls had called Reign a girl. He sent his rebuke out writing, “All these people out here tryna say they confuse Reign for a girl simply cos he has long hair???????? oh yeah I mistake Harry Styles and Jared Leto for women all the time smh???? get a life! He looks fabulous, the same as the rest of the family.”

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Another jumped to Reign’s defense commenting, “S*** kids hair looks better than the rest of the family, in 10 mo yrs he’ll had mo girlfriends than most of us will see in a lifetime…….go team Reign.”

Others took to the comment section to give Courtney Kardashian a double dose of snark on both subjects. One trying to be a mom-shamer commented, “The kid is freezing damn start being a mom poor kids also cut the boy’s hair.”

Kourtney Kardashian probably took all the negative comments in stride. the Inquisitr reported previously about how fabulous she looked that day when she went shopping on her laptop and rocked her tiny bikini.