Besame's New Mickey Mouse Black Lipstick Adjusts With Your PH

Allure recently reported on Mickey Mouse's 90th anniversary lipstick from Besame cosmetics. The anniversary was on November 18, however, Besame is joining the flock of companies that have been commemorating the historic moment in American animation. Besame Cosmetics is a vintage style makeup brand, and they recently launched their lipstick contribution to the Mickey Mouse anniversary celebration.

Besame shared an Instagram post with brand fans, showing off the lipstick shades. The photo was captioned, expressing the brand's intent with these new Mickey Mouse lipsticks.

"In celebration of the 90th Anniversary of Mickey Mouse, Besame Cosmetics has collaborated with Disney to specially create two brand new lipstick shades."
Four days prior to the Instagram post, Besame had announced how the limited-edition collection would be arriving in time for post Thanksgiving shopping sprees such as Black Friday. The shades are still available. One of the two lipstick shades, titled Mickey Red Lipstick, is a purely classic red lip, that has a strawberry pink undertone. Besame has created a creamy formula was directly color matched to classic drawings of Mickey's shorts.Their second lipstick shade, titled Ink and Paint, is a more goth inspired lipstick for the Besame Cosmetics Mickey Mouse anniversary collection. Inside the lipstick container, the shade is pitch black — a nod to Mickey Mouse's original black and white format — the sheer shade does in fact adjust with the wearer's pH. After adjusting, the Ink and Paint shade will turn into a beautiful, deep berry shade with a berry flavor. Both Ink and Paint and Mickey Red are in retro painted metal cases with 1930s Mickey Mouse artwork. Each shade can be purchased for $24 USD each, or both can be bought together as a set with an adorable gold-plated plastic mirror compact for $50 USD.
Fans of the cosmetic brand know that the new Mickey Mouse additions are not Besame's first Disney collection. Besame Cosmetics previously introduced both a Snow White and a Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon collection. The Snow White and Peter Pan Mermaid Lagoon collections have a wider array of makeup products which are still available on the brand's website. Besame Cosmetics also is not the first brand to come up with a Mickey Mouse anniversary makeup collection. Earlier this month Dose of Colors released their very own makeup collaboration that includes lipsticks, lip glosses, and a palette. The palette was such a hit that it sold out on the very first day.