World’s Most Prolific Streaker, Mark Roberts, Retiring After 519 Streaks

The world’s most prolific streaker is hanging up his birthday suit after 519 streaks and two decades of streaking at some of the world’s most famous events, including the Olympics, the Super Bowl, and the Wimbledon. Mark Roberts decided that enough is enough, although his form of nude comedy will find a future in an autobiography entitled I Didn’t Know An Inch Would Take Me This Far.

For his random acts of streaking, Mark Roberts has been kept in a jail cell overnight 30 times, fined a total of $6,318, and suffered from two broken toes, four broken ribs, a broken finger and 25 stitches in his leg. Single for nine years, Mark has three children, Rebecca, 24, Mark, 19, and Georgia, 15.

According to the Daily Mail, the world’s most prolific streaker decided to give it up after a recent remark by son Mark Junior:

“He said to me the other day, ‘Dad, when are you going to stop, all my mates are watching you?’ I asked him, ‘What do they say?’ And he said, ‘They all laugh their heads off.’ So I replied, ‘What’s the problem, then?’ He just said, ‘Well, you’re my dad.’ That really hit home with me.”

Mark says his career as the world’s most prolific streaker began in 1993 completely by accident. He was working at a bar when he saw a woman on TV streaking at a rugby game. He proclaimed, “Pah, anyone could do that.” A random fellow demanded he try it and Mark said he would. Problem is, the bloke took him at his word and had a taxi waiting the next day, ready to shuttle him toward destiny.

This first time changed his life. Mark explains why he continued streaking all these years:

“My first time changed my life. Everyone should try it once. I’d never had any history of nudity. I’m actually quite shy. On a beach, I’m coy and I’ll get changed under a towel. But when I perform, I’m like a different man.

“What I realized that day in 1993 was that while I could perhaps make four or five people laugh by telling a joke in a pub, I could, just by doing something daft on a pitch, make tens of thousands of people laugh.

“I don’t have a compulsion to take my clothes off. It’s only the laughter that matters. It’s nothing like flashing. There’s nothing sexual about it – it’s just comedy nudity.”

Mark Roberts has decided that his retirement must go out with a bang. According to The Independent, Mark says he wants to do “to do one last mass streak with hundreds or thousands of people, where I go on first and whistle for them.” He’s started advertising online but so far hasn’t had many takers, nor has he decided on a venue. Mark suggested the popular X Factor show to his kids, but they complained, “Dad, please don’t do that, my friends watch it.”

What do you think about Mark Roberts and his streaking antics?

[Warning: Potential nudity in video. Not sure if this video is edited, but it’s so blocky you can’t see anything.]