Meghan Markle Gets Cozy In Cory Vitiello’s Lap In Old Photo Obtained By ‘TMZ’

Ben StansallGetty Images

Meghan Markle, like any other person, came with a dating history. Prior to dating and marrying Prince Harry, Markle dated Cory Vitiello and Rory McIlroy. Moreover, Prince Harry isn’t Markle’s first husband.

Markle was also previously married to Trevor Engelson, whom she dated for six years before they decided to get hitched. Markle and Engelson were married for just a year before ending things, Marie Clarie reminds us.

According to TMZ, fans of Markle know she had a dating history prior to Prince Harry. What they may have not known, however, was how serious she appeared to be with Vitiello.

TMZ recently obtained an old photo of Markle straddling the lap of her ex-boyfriend, Cory, while the two engaged in a warm and loving embrace. Cory had his hands clasped around her waist and Markle had both of her arms wrapped around his neck. Meghan flashed a vibrant smile while Vitiello planted a kiss on her cheek. According to the source that passed the photo off to TMZ, it was reportedly taken in May of 2016 at the Atlas Restaurant.

Marie Claire notes Cory is often identified as the professional chef who got dumped for a prince. Given the timeline of their relationship, Meghan would have had to break up with Cory and started dating Harry during the summer of 2016.

Sources close to Meghan and Cory when they were dating told Daily Mail that the duo felt like a “superficial couple” despite the fact that they looked good together. Moreover, the source explained both Meghan and Cory were married to their careers, which ultimately got in the way of their relationship.

Cory – like Meghan – didn’t stew over the end of their relationship. Instead, he also went on to get married. Cory proceeded to start a family and has a child now. Regardless of how happy and in love Meghan and Cory seemed to be in the old photo obtained and published by TMZ, both have since moved on with their love lives.

Markle’s other former flames were also able to move on from the relationship and find true love elsewhere. Her ex-husband Engelson has since remarried to Tracey Kurland. The duo were married earlier this year. Rory has also moved on and gotten married to his wife, Erica Stoll. Erica and Rory were married a year ago.

Twitter users were quick to bash TMZ for publishing the old photo in the first place. Some claimed the photo surfacing was an attempt to ruin the marriage. Others argued that it wasn’t news for someone who was almost in their 40s to have a dating history.