Man Finds $7.5 Million In Storage Unit & Original Owner Wanted Some Of It Back

Initially, the original owner offered the man $600,000 in exchange for the return of the money.

Metal case housing a bunch of cash
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Initially, the original owner offered the man $600,000 in exchange for the return of the money.

Storage Wars star Dan Dotson reveals he was approached by a woman with an interesting story while attending a charity event at the beginning of the month. According to the woman, a friend of the family purchased a storage unit that Dotson had auctioned, one that came with an intriguing tale.

As Dotson explained in a video he posted on Facebook, the woman claimed a man bought a storage unit Dotson auctioned off for $500, only to discover a mysterious safe inside. Dan continued to explain the man contacted an individual to crack the safe who either couldn’t or wouldn’t perform the task. So, the man reached out to a second person who was ultimately able to crack the safe. The Storage Wars auctioneer clarified that safes are a common find in storage units. However, they usually end up being empty or not containing much of value.

Once the second individual cracked the safe, the man discovered it contained $7.5 million in cash. It wasn’t too long after the man purchased the unit and made the discovery that he received a phone call from a lawyer representing the original owner of the unit. The lawyer was reaching out with the hopes of coming to an agreement to get most of the money back, as it put the original owner at a huge loss. According to Dotson, the original owner’s lawyer initially offered the new owner $600,000 in exchange for the return of the money.

While the man rejected the initial offer, they were able to work out a deal that made everyone happy. By the time they reached an agreement, they had doubled the original offer agreeing to leave the new owner with $1.2 million if he just returned the rest of the money.

It may have not been $7.5 million anymore, but it was still a lot of money for an investment of $500.

Toward the end of the video Dotson, and his wife, Laura, opened up about what they would do in that type of situation. The duo agreed keeping the money was a risky move as that amount of money was highly motivational to go to great lengths to get it back. Moreover, Laura pointed out that you would be able to enjoy the money with a clear conscience after making that kind of deal with the owner. She and her husband agreed they would just take the money and run as they didn’t want to know what the original owner did for a living to have that kind of cash stashed in a storage unit.

The general consensus in the comment section of Dan’s tweet discussing the discovery was that the original owner deserved to lose the unit after letting the payment lapse knowing how much money was stored inside.

“If you have 7.5mil sitting in a locker and don’t pay the locker fees you deserve to lose it all because it was probably laundered money. I’d pay @auctionguydan and Laura &100k for being awesome and keep the rest,” one individual chimed in.

Others argued the new owner was under no obligation to return the money as they purchased the storage unit fair and square.

Overall, there didn’t appear to be too much of anyone who agreed with the man’s decision to return the money.