Nico Tortorella & Bethany Meyers Pose Nude In Thanksgiving Photos

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Celebrating their first Thanksgiving Day as spouses, polyamorous couple Nico Tortorella and Bethany Meyers decided to bare it all wearing nothing but their birthday suits as they stood behind their dinner spread.

Nico shared two different photos in one post with his 493,000 Instagram followers. “Full course meal. tank full. my cup runneth over,” the Younger star penned in the caption of his Instagram post.

The first picture in the set featured Bethany and Nico leaving some to the imagination despite being nude by using the silverware and dinner spread to tastefully censor their picture. In the second photo, however, both moved to a different position – higher than the table – showing off significantly more skin.

The second photo featured Bethany sitting in a crouching position on the chair with her arms resting on her knees in way that kept her bust censored from the camera.

Nico, on the other hand, was a lot less censored in the second photo. He placed one leg up on a chair while twisting his hips and putting his bare bottom on full display.

In two days, Nico’s fans showered the photos with love as they accumulated over 41,000 likes and just shy of 400 comments.

One of the biggest complaints in the comment section was that he didn’t offer a nude frontal to go with the set of pictures he shared with his fans.

“I give thanks for that,” one user joked in the comment section of Nico’s photo.

Others agreed Nico was probably the only person who would ever think to do a nude photo shoot in honor of Thanksgiving.

While Bethany did also share their nude Thanksgiving dinner photo with her 71,000 Instagram followers, she opted to turn the comments off. She also neglected to share the second, more revealing photo.

“Our first Thanksgiving as spouse and spouse. I love you endless,” Meyers penned in the caption of her photo.

She added: “That corn bowl was made by my grandmother and it held creamed corn at every family dinner – please don’t tell her I used it for green beans.”

With Tortorella identifying as sexually fluid and Meyers identifying as queer, the duo has a relationship that is far from what is considered traditional. However, they did reveal to People Magazine that they wanted to add children to their family in the future.

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Married in March, the duo attracted a lot of media outlet attention when they did not immediately live together. According to People Magazine, Meyers and Tortorella eventually moved in with each other a few months after they got hitched.

“We have an apartment in the city and a house upstate, so we still spend a lot of time apart from each other. And I think that’s really healthy for our relationship and any relationship, to keep that sense of individuality, even in a union,” Nico explained to People as he opened up about their living arrangement.

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Came across a random interview Nico did several months ago, and at the end was this: ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ “When prompted on how they have the capacity to not be bothered by the love of their life – Meyers – being with somebody else, Tortorella had the most beautiful answer. “If you love somebody that much and you know that you can’t give them everything, for whatever reason, and you know that something else can make them so happy, why wouldn’t you want them to have that? If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. I’m not trying to own my wife, my partner, my spouse. The only thing I’m trying to own is myself – and that’s not always easy.” ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Also this is my favorite picture we took all summer. Also I did not know @nicotortorella was posting a similar selfie at the same time.

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Nico also revealed to People how difficult their relationship has been for their families as they not only have to accept their sexualities, but their polyamorous relationship status as well.

Regardless of how they identify, Bethany and Nico appeared to have a lovely time – without clothing – on their first Thanksgiving together.