Astha Sarmah, ‘Average’ High School Graduate, Schools Donald Trump On Climate Change

Alex WongGetty Images

President Donald Trump released his administration’s report on climate change on Friday, which contradicted much of what he says about global warming and weather caused disasters.

Before releasing the data, which Inquisitr reported the Trump administration tried to bury, Trump sent out a tweet about the weather on Wednesday.

He wrote, “Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS – Whatever happened to Global Warming?”

Nearly 111,000 people “liked” the tweet and some 28,000 retweeted it. Plus, 91,000 people replied to the president. Then, on Thanksgiving, Trump sent another tweet about the weather being so cold.

“This is the coldest weather in the history of the Thanksgiving Day Parade in NYC, and one of the coldest Thanksgivings on record!” he tweeted.

According to a report from the Daily Mail, Astha Sarmah, an 18-year-old from India, fired back at Trump after his first weather tweet.

“I am 54 years younger than you. I just finished high school with average marks. But even I can tell you that WEATHER IS NOT CLIMATE. If you want help understanding that, I can lend you my encyclopedia from when I was in 2nd grade. It has pictures and everything.”

Some 15,000 people “liked” her comment and more than 3,000 users also retweeted the post.

In fact, the temperature for one day or even for many days is the weather and not an indication of the overall trend for the climate. Global warming is “an increase in the Earth’s average atmospheric temperature that causes corresponding changes in climate and that may result from the greenhouse effect.”

The report that Trump released showed that since 1900 the average temperature of the lower 48 states increased by 1.8 degrees with 1.2 degrees occurring in the last few decades. The conclusion of the top scientists from multiple government agencies who wrote the U.S. Global Change Research Program’s Fourth National Climate Assessment, Volume II is that 90 percent of climate change is caused by human activities — a fact that the president and his supporters often attempt to deny.

Every four years, the Global Change Research Act requires the president to present the report on global warming to Congress. Trump released his ahead of schedule on one of the busiest shopping days of the year, which is the day after Thanksgiving in the United States. Despite his attempt to bury the data, plenty of people noticed it, and it has drawn plenty of headlines and discussions about the situation the U.S. and the world is in, as a result of the warming Earth.

Former Vice President Al Gore called out Trump on his sneakiness in a statement.

“The President may try to hide the truth, but his own scientists and experts have made it as stark and clear as possible,” Gore wrote.