‘Manifest’ Fans Speculate Vance May Die In Fall Finale


Manifest, one of the hottest shows on television right now, is airing its final episode before its winter hiatus this week. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the fall finale promo promises to end with a bang. It, however, also promises to take one of the cast members with it.

Starring Josh Dallas, Melissa Roxburgh, Athena Karkanis, J.R. Ramirez, and Saanvi Bahl, there isn’t really anyone on the cast list that fans would be unemotional about losing.

Chatter from Manifest fans on Twitter and Reddit suggests the latest theory is that Vance (played by Daryl Edwards) is the most likely character to kick the bucket.

One Reddit user admitted to believing Vance was a good guy from the beginning of the show. This same user, however, did not think Vance would last very long.

“I knew he was a good guy from the beginning. But if this show clings to its tropes as it has been, he dead in 1-2 more episodes,” the Reddit user explained.

“Yes and I hope he doesn’t end up dead,” a second user chimed in still talking about Vance.

Vance would certainly be an interesting character for the series to kill off. While he’s been a main character from the first episode, he isn’t one of the passengers who went through the time warp and he isn’t a family member or friend directly related to any of the passengers. Vance has been at the front of the line investigating the passengers since the flight touched down after years of being gone without a trace.

Francesca Faridany as Fiona Clarke, Daryl Edwards as NSA Director Vance, Josh Dallas as Ben Stone
Featured image credit: Peter KramerNBC/Warner Brothers

Following the passengers and trying to probe Jared for information about Michaela is ultimately what resulted in a lot of fans not caring for him as one of the main characters.

Things shifted in the last episode when Vance realized he was not going to be able to solve the mystery and find the missing passengers on his own.

“Talk about unlikely pair,” the official Manifest Twitter page said, referring to the partnering up of Vance and Ben (played by Josh Dallas).

Many fans took to comment on the tweet to reveal it was ultimately the pairing that made them like Vance. Moreover, they seized the tweet as an opportunity to point out the fact that they knew someone was going to die during the fall finale and they were hopeful it wouldn’t be Ben or Vance.

Unfortunately, fans are going to have no choice but to say goodbye to someone when the fall finale airs on Monday night. Only time will tell which character isn’t going to survive the episode.