‘The Young And The Restless’ Spoilers Leave Fans Wondering If Summer Is Leaving The Show

Johnny VyCBS

The latest The Young and the Restless spoilers video for the week of November 26 to 30 show that Victor makes Summer an enticing offer.

According to the Inquisitr, Victor (Eric Braeden) offers Summer (Hunter King) a job halfway across the world. However, her father Nick (Joshua Morrow) is none too pleased about Victor’s machinations with yet another of his children. It’s not enough that Noah (Robert Adamson) moved to Mumbai for Newman Enterprises (although he’s now with Dark Horse), now Victor wants Summer out of the action too.

Shockingly, the video indicates that Summer accepts the position from her grandfather in spite of Nick’s disagreement. Of course, Summer really wreaked havoc since she arrived in Genoa City this summer. She made a bet with Kyle (Michael Mealor) that she could get Billy (Jason Thompson), who was her mother Phyllis’s (Gina Tognoni) boyfriend at the time, into bed before the end of the season of sun and fun.

When she lost the bet, Kyle shocked her by not collecting his prize, which was a night with her. He wanted their time together to mean something, but Summer just wanted a quick evening of fun without meaning. Kyle’s rejection hurt Summer, and his moving on with Lola (Sasha Calle) hurt even more.

Speaking of hurting, Billy took Summer to bed to get revenge on Nick and Phyllis after their affair ruined Nick and Sharon’s (Sharon Case) wedding and his relationship with Phyllis. Instead of true love, though, Billy left Summer high and dry the next morning. Since then she hasn’t entirely known what to do, so she vowed to get Kyle back.

With the surprising new job, fans wonder if Summer is on her way out and King is leaving the show. Fan Amie Hampton commented, “Bye Summer. Go take the job. No one will miss her.” Corey Walker asked, “Summer, are you leaving because no one in town wants to be with you?”

In October, actress Bayley Corman replaced King in a few episodes while King fulfilled her filming duties for Life In Pieces where she portrays Clementine. As soon as the filming overlap ended, King was back in Genoa City as Summer where she picked up just like she had never been gone.

With Summer vowing to steal Kyle from Lola, it is surprising to see her accept a job overseas from Victor. Perhaps something will happen, and she will not end up taking the position after all, or maybe Summer will be gone for a while and come back — perhaps with Billy’s baby in tow. Since they spent the night together, many fans have wondered if maybe Summer is expecting.