Emily Ratajkowski Puzzled By Shaming Over Braless Brett Kavanaugh Protest: ‘Why Focus On What I Was Wearing?’

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When actresses Amy Schumer and Emily Ratajkowski were arrested at a protest against Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh in October, as CNN reported, public attention focused less on their stance against Kavanaugh as on Instagram model Ratajkowski’s choice of outfit. She wore a white tank top without a bra.

Schumer and Ratajkowski attended the protest on October 4. Kavanaugh was accused by multiple women of having committed sexual assaults while in high school and in college, as the Inquisitr reported.

The 27-year-old who first became famous for appearing topless in the Robin Thicke “Blurred Lines” music video. She posted on social media about her arrest, and the important issue was not whether Kavanaugh was fit for the Supreme Court, but instead it was Ratajkowski’s choice of apparel or lack thereof.

Ratajkowski was slammed, with shamers telling her to “put on a bra,” which came from a woman, Teen Vogue reported. A male Twitter user also piped in.

“Sorry I was focused on something else, can you say that again?” he tweeted.

Another woman on Twitter accused Ratajkowski of wearing “F Me clothes” in order to “use sex to sell her twisted Toxic Feminism,” while another dismissed her protest, saying that Ratajkowski was going braless “to attract men,” Yahoo! News reported.

Six weeks later, Ratajkowski has finally replied to the shamers and online trolls, expressing bewilderment over why her outfit was the focus of their attention rather than the Kavanaugh nomination. She added that she dressed in the way that she did on that day simply because it was hot in Washington, D.C., according to an interview published Saturday in Australia’s Daily Telegraph.

“I was (surprised). I knew being there would be important and I knew some people would find it controversial, but I never expected anyone to talk about why I wasn’t wearing a bra under my tank top,” Ratajkowski told the paper. “It was (90 degrees), I was marching through D.C. in jeans. My outfit seemed completely normal to me. And I was there making a political point. Why would people focus on what I was wearing?”

Ratajkowski has become famous as much for her sexually-charged Instagram posts, often showing her in a bikini, as seen in one recent post, as she has for her film acting career.

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But while she said that her Kavanaugh protest outfit was nothing but an attempt to be comfortable in warm weather, Ratajkowski has previously connected politics to women’s choice in apparel.

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“What I think about what’s important in 2018 for both men and women, it’s about defying stereotypes,” Ratajkowski told Maxim magazine. “It’s about being multi-faceted. It’s about wearing a string bikini on the beach, and at a protest.”