Thomas Ravenel’s Girlfriend Blames ‘Southern Charm’ Cast On Instagram Rant For Failed Relationship

Paul CheneyBravo

Thomas Ravenel’s frequent plus one from Season 6 of Southern Charm seems to bear no resentment towards the former politician himself, despite the fact that he dumped her last week on Instagram, but she still sees herself as a victim of the rest of the cast of the hit Bravo show.

Ashley Jacobs spent her Thanksgiving setting tender photos of herself and Ravenel in happier times to music, tagging the terminated cast member to say she would do everything she had done just the same if she had the chance to do things again, says People Magazine.

“You were my boyfriend during a time in my life when I needed you and you needed me. I don’t know how much I believe in the idea of fate, but if it exists, I know it brought you and me together for a reason… even if we weren’t made to last forever.”

The hospice nurse who spread gossip and called the mother of Ravenel’s children an “egg donor” at a white-tie event continued to wax nostalgic about her time with the father of two who is now on trial for sexual assault charges.

“We might not be creating new memories anymore, but I still treasure the ones we have, and I’d do it all again knowing how things turned out in the end. Thank you for the memories, the good and the bad, and I’ll forever cherish them till the day I leave this world.”

After posting what seemed like a love note to Ravenel, the same man who posted on Instagram last week that she needed psychiatric help spoke sweet words in return, causing many Southern Charm fans to wonder if they were pulling another scam, acting as if they had broken up when they are still together, says Reality Blurb.

Thomas seems to suggest that his sometimes girlfriend was treated unfairly by the cast and fans of the show.

“Our time together brought much outside pressure, but what they didn’t see was how I treasured your precious presence. I pray that you’ll be spared more senseless anger moving forward. I wish you good things, Ashley. Only good things. Always, Thomas.”

But things didn’t stay sweet for long, as Jacobs called the cast names.

“Yeah no offense, but the cast are a bunch of losers. Especially that old Patsy broad.”

Jacobs, a part-time nurse, then insisted that it was she who rejected Bravo rather than Bravo showing no interest in employing her.

“Never would I do Southern Charm again!!! I took all the bullets for them last season. They won’t take advantage of me again. I hope the sh**ty cast doesn’t quit their day jobs (oh wait, they don’t have jobs).”

She finished the rant by saying that it feels good to “speak her truth” and suggests that all who don’t like it should unfollow her.