Halsey Hits Back At Claims She’s Too Skinny With Photo Of Herself In Denim Shorts And Crop Top

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Halsey has hit back at comments that she’s getting too skinny with an Instagram photo of herself in denim shorts and a crop top. In the shot, she’s walking along the sidelines of a basketball court.

“You’re getting too skinny,” she wrote in the caption in an apparent imitation of the body criticism that she’s been getting. “Gurl is eating and gurl is happy and girl saw @kingjames last night.”

The Daily Mail reports that the singer attended a game between the Utah Jazz and the Los Angeles Lakers that night. In addition to the shorts and crop top, she also wore a pair of black combat boots.

Halsey isn’t eating in the photo, but she’s balancing a clear up and her phone in one hand as she walks.

This isn’t the first time that Halsey has “clapped back” at people who have body shamed her on the Internet.

As People magazine reported back in April, Halsey replied to a male Twitter user who had tried to mock her for posting a photo in which she showed off her armpit hair. The man retweeted the photo and included a speech bubble near her armpit which said “LOL.”

“What the hell is this?!!!” he wrote.

But Halsey had the ideal response to his attempt to make her feel ashamed about a perfectly natural part of her body.

The “Bad At Love” singer has also used her large social media platform to call out misogyny in the music industry. As Gurl notes, back in 2015, she used her Twitter account to call out the media for constantly asking her about male musicians during interviews with her.

“So many interviews about the male musicians I know,” she wrote. “Y’all are f***ing boring me and I’m going to stop answering the phone.”

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Lately, Halsey has been in the news more for her broken relationship with rapper G-Eazy than her feminist views. As the Inquisitr previously reported, the two recently unfollowed each other on Instagram, which, in 2018, is a credible indication that a relationship has come to an end. This is their second breakup of 2018. Insiders have told media outlets that their romance fizzled for the second time because G-Eazy, real name Gerald Earl Gillum, was seen flirting with girls at a performance in Los Angeles while Halsey was in Toyko.

Since the mutual Instagram unfollows, G-Eazy has recently been seen getting cozy with a “mystery woman” and Halsey has been photographed hanging out with British musician Yungblud, with a bouquet of flowers in her hands, TMZ reports.