Ben Affleck Reportedly ‘Devastated’ As Jennifer Garner & Kids Get To Know Her New Man Per ‘In Touch’

Emma McIntyreGetty Images

It hasn’t been an easy several months for Ben Affleck. From breaking off his whirlwind fling with Playboy Playmate Shauna Sexton and heading to rehab twice, Ben is doing what he can to get his priorities straight and his sobriety in check. In addition, his divorce from Jennifer Garner was recently finalized. With all that being said, Ben still has one more thing on his mind: Jennifer’s new boyfriend, John Miller, wrote In Touch Weekly.

“Ben realized that there might be a stepfather in the children’s future and he felt like a total failure. He somehow thought Jen might remain single forever, and that no man would ever spend any time with his kids. But he knows he needs help and wants to be the best dad possible.”

It certainly seems like Affleck is putting his best foot forward. In between his time at rehab, Ben was spotted on numerous occasions with his kids and Garner. It looked like he was putting his kids first.

Unfortunately, the kids likely don’t really understand the dynamics of their parent’s relationship, and offered a brutally candid review of John.

“When Ben and Jen met up with the kids, they kept talking about mommy’s new friend and how much fun he was. They were saying how he knows how to cook and doesn’t like alcohol, which really got to Ben.”

Of course, things probably aren’t as cut and dry as it might seem on the surface. Perhaps Ben’s second go at rehab will help him achieve greater things, plus he doesn’t have a girlfriend or any other distractions.

Meanwhile, Ben’s fling, Shauna, seems to have moved on with her life. Her latest Instagram Stories showed her having a blast with her friends, as they drank and partied the night away.

We’ll see what unfolds for Ben in the coming weeks and months. The road to recovery is often referred to as a lifelong journey, and it may involve ups and downs for the actor.

The good news is that Jennifer seems to be thoughtful of Affleck’s needs and still wants him to be a part of her kids’ lives as much as possible. Her holiday plans reportedly include both Ben and John, as some believe celebrations may take place in Montana, according to E! News. So far, Garner and Miller seem to be hitting it off and are enjoying getting to know each other.