Buxom Instagram Star Abigail Ratchford Goes Full 'Hand Bra,' Latest Racy Post In Series Of Creative Cover-Ups

Abigail Ratchford appears to lead the pack of Instagram glamour models when it comes to pushing the boundaries of the social media site's guidelines of good taste. As Inquisitr reported earlier this month, a series of snaps she posted recently skirted the borderline of Instagram's rules against nudity, and the Scranton, Pennsylvania, native's latest offering, which went up on her page Friday afternoon, continues that provocative trend.

But this time, even though Ratchford is clad only in a skimpy white bikini bottom — plus a towel wrapped around her hair and oversized sunglasses with rims to match the bikini bottom — she takes the precaution of returning to one of her favorite tropes, one which Maxim magazine asserts that Ratchford has "perfected." That would be the so-called "hand bra" pose.

The meaning of the term "hand bra" will be self-evident from the below Instagram photo, but for the sake of clarity, the Urban Dictionary defines "hand bra" as a pose in which "the model uses hands to support her breasts and/or cover her nipples. Usually done to conform to censorship standards."

Perhaps the best-known practitioner of the "hand bra" method of skirting social media censorship issues, according to Page Six, is Gone Girl and I Feel Pretty actress Emily Ratajkowski. But Ratchford has also become proficient in the genre, as her latest Instagram post demonstrates.

But the post is only the newest entry in an ongoing series of "hand bra" photos posted by Ratchford — and they do not all involve hands. With 8.6 million Instagram followers to satisfy, Ratchford has taken a creative approach to covering herself in her most scantily attired snaps. In one, she used a "handbag bra," and employed a second handbag in another strategic location.In another shot, she recreated one of the most iconic "hand bra" photos ever taken — the Janet Jackson cover photo from the September 1993 issue of Rolling Stone magazine.
For true "hand bra" fans, Ratchford posted a full video in May of 2016 revealing her "behind the scenes" approach to the classic "hand bra" pose.
Why is Ratchford so quick to push the envelope of what Instagram will allow? According to her interview last year with the Australian site News.com, the answer is pretty simple. Her Instagram persona rakes $215,000 per year for her, which is a significant step up from the $750 per week she made just a few years ago working three jobs — paralegal, secretary, and bartender — in her native Scranton.