Here’s How Former David Tribe Dominates ‘Survivor’ Tribal Council Again [SPOILERS]

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Outmanned, the former David tribe continues to portray the David vs. Goliath theme of Survivor 37 perfectly.

Warning: Article contains spoilers from this week’s episode of Survivor.

Last week’s tribal council was coined by many as the best tribal council of the season. This week’s tribal council, however, wasn’t that far behind in terms of greatness. Strategically, the former David tribe managed to use the advantages in a way that allowed them to knock out a Goliath despite numbers not being in their favor. Goliaths – who are still heavily targeting Christian, whom they deem to be the strongest of the former David tribe – was forced to say goodbye to Dan instead.

During the tribal council, Nick used his power to steal a vote to take Alison’s vote. This was likely just to confuse the Goliath tribe regarding who was going home. Given the use of Carl’s idol nullifier, however, the misdirect wasn’t necessary to make their play.

Chances are pretty good it was also a strategic play to alienate Alison because she had promised to cross the David and Goliath lines multiple times only to go back on her promise. Going forward, it would probably be a mistake for Nick and Christian to entertain the original plan to work with Alec and Alison considering they hadn’t been able to keep any of their promises in the past.

After the votes were cast, Dan made the decision to use his immunity idol to protect himself and ensure he wasn’t the one going home. After all, Nick’s power shifted the numbers so they were no longer in Goliath’s favor. Unfortunately for him, Carl used his idol nullifier to negate the idol, so the Davids could successfully send him home – and keep Christian safe in the process.

Both the Goliaths and the jury were left jaw dropped and shocked by the powerful game play and strategic use of advantages to keep every member of the David tribe safe for another week.

The David tribe has been the underdogs the entire season. The Goliath tribe dominated pre-merge and uneven numbers allowed them to continue to dominate post-merge. The Davids, however, have been able to use a combination of advantages and immunity idols to stay on top even when numbers were not on their side.

As we enter next week’s episode, anything can happen, because there is now an even split between Davids and Goliaths. Davids do have a slight advantage thanks to the new immunity idol in Christian’s pocket.

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