Samantha Markle Says Thomas Is Doing ‘Great’ After Months Of Pleading With Meghan Over His Health Concerns

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Meghan Markle’s half-sister, Samantha, and her dad, Thomas, have been pleading with the duchess to speak to them for months. This was due to the family fallout following the royal wedding, when Meghan cut off her family.

Many times, the requests for contact by Samantha and Thomas were made along with ominous remarks about the dad’s allegedly failing health. For example, Thomas has noted several times that he didn’t know how long he’d have to live. Samantha has also told Meghan in the past that there is a sense of urgency surrounding his failing health. But Meghan reportedly didn’t take these remarks to heart, as she believes strongly that her mother, Doria Ragland, would tell her of any imperative news, detailed the Inquisitr.

When Samantha went to Kensington Palace to try to force a confrontation with Meghan, many people criticized her for taking the time to visit her sister while seemingly neglecting her dad. Now, a new Twitter post reveals that Samantha spent her birthday and Thanksgiving with her dad. She shared a photo of Thomas — without a smile — leaning on a statue of a pirate. He’s believed to be still residing in a small Mexican town south of the border, although it’s hard to know if that’s still the case.

At any rate, one of Samantha’s fans commented on the photo, saying, “Great picture! Happy belated birthday!! Your dad looks great, hope he’s feeling as good as he looks!” Samantha then responded.

“Haha Thank you! My dad is doing great! It was the best birthday ever and very special”

It would of course be good news if Thomas is doing well, considering he’s believed to have undergone heart surgery shortly before the royal wedding. Hopefully that’s the case, although it’s hard to know for certain.

At any rate, the dad has remained silent recently, with the rest of the Markle clan taking the spotlight. Notable is nephew Tyler Dooley, who’s on the first season of MTV’s The Royal World. He’s obviously not a royal, but Meghan’s popularity means that the network wanted him on the show if only to hear tidbits about what he thinks about his aunt and the family drama.

Samantha is also about to make some waves with a tell-all book, which is believed to have a release date close to the birth of the duchess’s first baby with Prince Harry.