November 24, 2018
Virtual Reality Game 'Paper Dolls' To See EU Retail Release This December

Winking Entertainment is a Chinese and Taiwanese video game developer and publishing company based in Shanghai and originally founded in 1997. Winking Entertainment launched its most recent video game, titled Paper Dolls, on the PlayStation virtual reality platform (VR) just in time for Halloween. Now, in keeping with the holiday release theme, Winking Entertainment, in a collaboration with Perp Games, will be releasing Paper Dolls to EU retail stores this December, reports VR Focus.

The VR game has been highly talked about in the gaming community. It is a scary puzzle-based adventure that was inspired by Chinese mythology. Players go through the gameplay as a father of a young daughter who has gone missing. She has been taken to an abandoned house, and it is up to her father, the player, to find her. In the process of finding the missing girl, players must survive at all costs. His mission is to learn more about the Qing Dynasty and the omnipresent enemy lingering throughout the dilapidated house where his daughter is located.

A new movement system was specifically developed for Paper Dolls. Winking Entertainment has stated to the press that the single player video game features around 15 hours of gameplay. The game has some mixed reviews on Steam, coming in at 66 percent positive among that particular rating system. To play Paper Dolls, one must have a virtual reality headset such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

The company which Winking Entertainment has partnered with for the EU release of Paper Dolls, Perp Games, is synonymous with bringing PlayStation VR titles to retail stores. In the past, the company has helped put videogames including Torn, Downward Spiral: Horus Station, Apex Construct, Blind, Moss and several more into retail stores, cites VR Focus. Ran Wang, the Vice President of Winking Entertainment, has spoken out about working with Prep Games.

"Perp Games is doing an excellent job in releasing VR games physically. We are very excited to continue the partnership with Perp Games and bring our new games to more players."
Meanwhile, the Managing Director of Prep Games, Rob Edwards, has also commented on the publishing of Paper Dolls, the partnership with Winking Entertainment, and the video game content itself.
"Winking Entertainment really are leading the way in the PSVR market and it is great to be continuing our relationship with them. Paper Dolls is, in my opinion, one of the most spine-chilling titles on PSVR."
The game is set to release in the EU on December 7 of this year at various gaming retail locations. Reports say that further territories will be announced later.