Here’s How ‘Survivor’ Castaway Dan Rengering Feels About The Immunity Idol Nullifier

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The immunity idol nullifier is a new power introduced this season, which flips the game of Survivor on its head, as it has the power to take the immunity idol – an item that gives the holder a sense of security – and makes it useless.

When the nullifier is played properly, it can negate the power of the immunity idol. The only hiccup is the individual with the nullifier must predict who has an idol and when they are going to play it. If the nullifier is played on the wrong person, it becomes useless instead.

Warning:The remainder of this article contains spoilers from this week’s episode.

As those who have been watching Survivor: David vs. Goliath are aware, it was Carl — a member of the former David tribe – who found the very first immunity idol nullifier. Carl made the decision to share his discovery with the other David tribe members, so they could work together to figure out the best time to play the power.

Dan Rengering thought he was safe and guaranteed at least another day or two in the game when he made the decision to pull out his immunity idol and play it to protect himself. Unfortunately for Dan, the David tribe discussed the possibility and made the decision to have Carl use his nullifier to prevent Dan’s immunity idol from having any power.

During his Ponderosa video – which can be viewed at the top of this article – Dan joked about how he didn’t see anything about an immunity idol nullifier in the “rules book.”

“I pull out the idol. I’m like, this is perfect. Here you go, Jeff. It’s for me. I’m gonna be here at least another day or two. Fantastic. And then when he whips out the doggone idol nullifier I’m like, Jeff, why didn’t you tell me this was coming, man? I didn’t see this in the rule books,” he said during his Ponderosa as he recalled the moment he used his idol and the moment his idol became useless.

As those who watched the episode know, Rengering only made the decision to use his idol because Nick used his own power which allowed him to steal a vote and vote twice. Shifting the numbers to the Davids favor, Dan did what he thought would protect him for another week.

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“Who represents Goliaths better than I do right now? I’ve seen a lot of bad stuff at work and I realize this really isn’t that bad. It hurts. It stings that it’s me, that I have to go home, but it’s not the end of the world. It could be so much worse,” Dan added during his Ponderosa video.

Dan also admitted that he did not regret how he played as he felt he played a very clean game.