Top 10 Hottest Snaps Of Laci Kay Somers On Instagram That Set The Internet On Fire

Laci Kay Somers posts a sexy photo to Instagram
Laci Kay Somers / Instagram

Playboy model Laci Kay Somers loves to rattle her Instagram followers with sexy, risque photos, and her millions of followers regularly see their heartbeats racing over what she shares. The 26-year-old model and singer knows how to strike a pose. In case you aren’t up to date on Somers’ feed, here are 10 of the hottest posts on her Instagram account.

As detailed on her website, Laci Kay Somers shares that she is a California girl through-and-through and that she loves sports. The Playboy model roots for the 49ers, Giants, and Warriors and she says she’s attracted to men with tattoos and a good sense of humor.

Somers notes that she’s not a partier, so fans won’t see her out smoking, drinking, or getting too wild. She’d rather spend her time in the gym, traveling, and connecting with her fans, and she’s quite focused on building her acting, modeling, and singing career right now.

This Instagram sensation has nearly 10 million followers, and she makes it clear that she is a confident woman who is proud to flaunt her ample assets. It’s not uncommon for Sommers’ posts to get anywhere from 100,000 likes to as many as 400,000 or more, and the video clips she shares often garner millions of likes.

While Somers posts plenty of photos showing her in barely-there bikinis or otherwise hardly covered up, some of her most popular posts show her in a slightly more ordinary setting. For example, her post last year about toning it down for Thanksgiving was a wild one as the starlet wore glasses, hiking boots, tight-fitting ripped-up jeans, and a sexy bodysuit that showed off her cleavage.

Throwing on a Santa hat and some virtually non-existent red lingerie also sent Laci’s followers wild last Christmas. Somers showed off her sense of humor by joking about how she’d asked Santa for clothes, and he responded by laughing and skipping her house.

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