Top 10 Sizzling Elizabeth Hurley Instagram Pictures For November Show Age Is Just A Number

Actress Elizabeth Hurley posted some fire shares to Instagram during the month filled with thanks, and we're most thankful for these top ten shares from her.

The 53-year-old Bedazzled actress started the month out in the Maldives, and she shared many sun-filled shots of herself in a bikini or one piece. In addition to acting, she's also a swimwear designer for Elizabeth Hurley Beach which gives her plenty of options from which to choose as she's soaking up the sun.

To kick off the month, Hurley showed off the Davina one piece in Milaidhoo while also practicing her ninja skills. She took the video in honor of Halloween. She set the video to "Kung Fu Fighting" by Carl Douglas, which added to the fun vibe.The next day, Hurley looked fresh and relaxed wearing a robe and matching bikini bottoms. She showed a hint of her ample cleavage with the wrap around multi-animal print cover-up in blue. The dangly gold earrings added a pop of color to the outfit. Plus, her sunglasses looked great while protecting her eyes from all that sun.Later that day, Hurley shared a fun clip of herself lip-synching a sensual song while laying out on a wooden deck. She took off the robe and sported the light blue bikini along with darker sunglasses for the more intense rays.A pink paisley bikini in front of a green leafy background displayed the actress's cleavage to perfection. The peach robe flowed from her shoulders and down her back covering her arms, but she left it open in front to reveal her toned body.In the same pink suit, the Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery actress showed off a second white robe using a fun little teaser clip of herself taking it off.A fun skip down a leafy lane allowed Hurley to show off a stunning white, one-shouldered one piece while embracing her inner child on her vacation.This blue paisley one piece found the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me actress looking happy and relaxed in a beautifully appointed bedroom.In this shiny gold throwback, Hurley was "smokin' in the boys' room" of Annabel's. The furnishings of the old Annabel's were auctioned off by Christie's.The beautifully aging actress showed significant cleavage in a black extreme lowcut dress at U.S. Ambassador Woody Johnson and his wife Suzanne's Thanksgiving dinner at the Winfield House.Finally, the Saving Sara actress got up to no good with the "reprobates" at a birthday party for David Furnish. For the fun event, Hurley wore a gorgeous black lace dress with nude lining.

All November long, the actress strutted her stuff and proved that age is just a number, and she's getting better as time goes by.