Apple's Cyber Monday Deals Offer Discounts On iPhones & MacBooks

If fighting the crowds of Black Friday shoppers to snag this year's must-have electronics isn't your cup of tea, try Cyber Monday sales instead. Also, Cyber Monday deals, per Forbes, have just been confirmed by Apple to include the iPhone, MacBook, iPads, Apple watches, and more.

For these deals, you'll be able to shop Apple devices without having to leave your warm and comfy home. On the negative side, Apple is only giving out gift cards on regularly priced merchandise. This means that several of the latest models aren't discounted, including, Forbes says, the "iPhone XS, XS Max or XR."

However, for the best discounts on iPhone XS and iPhone XR discounts, you can hit up Walmart's Cyber Monday sale. At the time of this writing, there is no information about the devices on their link, but the mega-retailer will update the site when it's closer to the start of Cyber Monday.

In addition, the Apple Watch Series 4 is excluded, and it wasn't included in any of the holiday sales. On the positive side, there are some fat discounts to be had on a range of MacBook and iPad models, and buying directly from the source can often ease shoppers' minds.

The deals below were presented by, a company that aggregates the best holiday sales online.


On this item, it might be best to pass up iPhone deals at Apple and shop Walmart's Cyber Monday sales instead. The ones being offered at Apple are older models, and Walmart will have significantly higher discounts. Walmart will also offer $300 coupons on the latest models.

One plus for buying your iPhone at Apple is that the devices are unlocked. If this is a deal-breaker for you, then the deals below found on Page 2 of the Apple Store Cyber Monday 2018 Ad could work.

  • iPhone 8 Plus + $50 gift card starting at $699
  • iPhone 8 + $50 gift card starting at $599
  • iPhone 7 Plus + $50 gift card starting at $599
  • iPhone 7 + $50 gift card starting at $449


Pic of man perusing through his Apple iPad

The best deal below is the $100 slashed off iPad 2018. Per Forbes, the this version "is the workhorse of the iPad range and it's an excellent tablet suitable for the whole family." The deals below were found on Page 3 of the Apple Store Cyber Monday 2018 Ad.

  • 10.5-inch iPad Pro + gift card of up to $100 for $649
  • iPad + gift card of up to $100 for $329
  • iPad Mini 4 + gift card of up to $100 for $399


Pic of Man using Brand new apple Macbook Pro 15 inch version

According to Forbes, the MacBooks might be the best deal for Cyber Monday 2018. The discounted MacBooks below were found on Page 4 of the Apple Store Cyber Monday 2018 Ad.

  • MacBook Pro + gift card of up to $200 for $1,299
  • MacBook + gift card of up to $200 for $1,299
  • MacBook Air + gift card of up to $200 for $999
  • iMac + gift of up to $200 for $1,099
  • iMac Pro + gift of up to $200 for $4,999

Apple Watch

Pic of woman checking smart watch on her arm

The Apple Watch 4 is not included as part of Cyber Monday 2018 sales, but these below are nothing to throw stones at, especially when it comes to the Series 3. The Apple Watch 3 is a robust model, and buying one at Apple lets you receive a $50 gift card. Equally important, a little bird told Forbes that Target and B&H Cyber Monday sales are expected to beat that offer.

  • Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS) + $50 gift card starting at $279
  • Apple Watch Series 3 (GPS + Cellular) + $50 gift card starting at $379

Honorable Mentions

There has been limited stock on Apple TV deals during the holiday season, and although they aren't discounted much, you'll want to snatch one up if you intend on buying the device.

Additionally, the HomePod's discounted price is okay, but prices were slashed $100 during Black Friday. Shoppers may see that price come back while Cyber Monday 2018 is taking place. These three deals were found on Page 6 of the Apple Store Cyber Monday 2018 Ad.

  • HomePod + $50 gift card for $349
  • Apple TV 4K + $25 gift card for $179
  • Apple TV + $25 gift card for $149