Jennifer Garner Does A Funny Dance At Her Hollywood Walk Of Fame Star On Instagram & Tags Snoop Dogg

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Jennifer Garner visited her new Hollywood Walk of Fame star, and commemorated the moment by doing a funny dance that looked like a combination of tap and jazz. She shared a video to her Instagram page, and even gave a shout out to Snoop Dogg in the process.

“Do you ever wonder what happens to the Walk of Fame Stars after the ceremony? 10 hours/month performing to keep your spot—it’s in the contract. See you on Hollywood Blvd., @snoopdogg— I’ll be the one with the janky time step! (By the way—how fun would this really be?! ).”

Garner wore a mainly black dress for the occasion with some blue accents, plus some black heels with a simple strap. She wore her hair down and looked like she was having a great time in the video.

Of course, a star on the famous street is certainly something to dance about. Not to mention that it sounds like her new romance with boyfriend John Miller is going well after her divorce with Ben Affleck was recently finalized. Plus, Jennifer went above and beyond to help her ex out, by driving him straight to rehab after he fell off the sobriety wagon following a fling with Playboy Playmate Shauna Sexton. Although Ben is reportedly back in rehab for a second time since then, Garner did her part to help and is believed to be a solid source of support for Affleck.

In other news, one of Jennifer’s most well-known roles was on the TV show, Alias, and she was asked by Rolling Stone about whether she’d want to return to a long-term project like that in the future.

“Can you imagine? I mean, I think back to Alias. It’s so unfathomable to me to even think of going back to that level of focus for five straight years. I can’t imagine doing it. I’m just grateful that I did it when I did, because what would I do with my kids [Laughs]? But I do miss being able to focus on work in that way. I do love that kind of head-down, nothing-else-matters, it’s-all-for-the-cause feel about work. I love my experiences on TV.”

So while it doesn’t necessarily sound like Garner will be back on TV for a long-term project, her fans can still log onto Instagram to keep up with the actress. She obviously knows how to have fun, and we can only hope that her new relationship is going well.

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