Instagram Queen Amanda Cerny Slays Black Bikini, Gets Booty Grabbed By Faceless Man At The Bar

Alberto E. RodriguezGetty Images

With over 23.5 million followers, Instagram model and YouTube personality Amanda Cerny is no stranger to making headlines, or to making heads turn for that matter. The popular and provocative social media personality turned to Instagram just hours ago to share a cheeky image with her legions of devotees, one which cultivated envy in the hearts of more than one of the users in the comments section.

In this particular image, Cerny can be seen from the rear, apparently in the confines of a well-stocked drinking establishment. Plush leather chairs and wooden fixtures dominate the background of the image, lending an air of class to the proceedings. The focus of the photographic frame rests almost entirely on Cerny’s spectacular curves, however, with the actress and social media mogul showing off all of her natural assets in a barely-there black bikini.

While Amanda’s gaze may rest elsewhere — the brunette bombshell is looking off camera, somewhere to the side — it appears that she is the one commanding the full attention of a faceless male model also included in the snapshot. Seated behind her, his muscular arms and legs the only hint of humanity that he presents, his hands rest firmly on Cerny’s backside.

Though the image has only been live for a few hours as of the writing of this article, it has already gathered over 1.2 million likes in addition to 11,000-plus comments — with many of the users in the comments section expressing their jealousy. One user by the name of mikeyprohd wrote, “I wish I was those hands,” while an account with the handle of hawk_boozy penned a tongue-in-cheek message reading, “Bruh I would never wash my hands again dude.”

While the man in the image may be faceless, speculation runs rampant in the comments that the mysterious stranger is none other than Johannes Bartl, who is, per YouTube, Cerny’s long-time beau and a member of “Team Cerny.” The pair have been together since April 1 of 2017, according to Cerny’s Instagram page.

As Forbes details, Amanda Cerny has more to offer the world than her gorgeous good looks. Beginning her career in a test as a Playboy centerfold, Amanda would later go on to star in Adam Devine’s House Party, The Deleted, and comedy hit Workaholics. Aside from her Hollywood career, Amanda Cerny also made a huge name for herself on Vine, eventually transitioning this success over to her current digs on Instagram and other social media outlets.