‘Playboy’ Playmate Sara Underwood Rocks Tiny Blue Bikini In Tropical Wonderland, Shoots Shy Look At Camera

David BeckerGetty Images

Former Playboy Playmate Sara Underwood wowed her fans and followers on social media just hours ago as she took to popular platform Instagram with a set of sizzling new photos from a tropical locale. Perhaps best known for her long stint as a co-host of G4 television vehicle Attack of the Show!, where Underwood was a cheerful and energetic television personality for the tech network, it appears that a long-lasting popularity has set in for the veteran model.

In this particular image, Sara can be seen sitting side on to the camera, showing off the sides of her bust as well as most of her back and bottom. Her natural curves are on full display here, the tiny blue fabric bikini that she’s wearing leaving little to the imagination. The bikini itself is a strappy affair, bearing white, green, and blue hues that compliment the verdant foliage that backgrounds the photographic frame. Her toned legs, slim waist, and absolutely flawless complexion compliment her enviable hair, her platinum blonde short tresses falling lightly about her neck and shoulders.

Seated on a mossy rock, and with great palm fronds thrusting their way into view — some yellowed from exposure to the bright sun — the depth of color on display contributes to a wondrous and exotic aesthetic, lending even greater beauty to the captured moment in time.

Backgrounded by a roaring waterfall which cascades downwards to rest at Sara’s feet — the white water serving as a picture-perfect backdrop for this sexy snapshot — the former Playboy pin-up shoots a shy, almost demure smile towards her admiring audience. There is a hint of a smile showing itself on her pink-painted lips.

It would appear that Sara Underwood’s legions of fans and followers on Instagram enjoyed her share, with the image in question having accrued over 64,000 likes and nearly 400 comments in just a few hours of having been posted. One user by the name of leefinke889 wrote, “It’s peaceful isn’t it Sara. Helps a person to think- smiles,” while an account with the handle of paul.newcombe.355 penned a message reading, “I hope your fella knows how lucky he is!!!!”

Underwood has made headlines most recently for sharing a cave-exploring expedition with fellow model Jessa Hinton, per the Daily Caller. With both beauties having a penchant for visiting unique and exciting new places, it appears that the two found precisely what they were looking for in Cancun, Mexico.

Sharing an image of a captivating cave formation, complete with a bikini-clad silhouette of the two women, this hidden gem attracted over 100,000 likes for Underwood and Hinton.