Samantha Markle, Duchess Meghan’s Half-Sister, Reportedly Headed To Reality Television Soon

Jack TaylorGetty Images

Meghan Markle’s half-sister Samantha apparently isn’t done trying to create chaos for her royal family member quite yet. The Duchess of Sussex’s half-sister, who has gone by both the last name Markle as well as Grant, not only has a book coming out, but new reports detail that she’s done a reality television show of some sort too.

Samantha Markle’s news about a reality television show emerged during a chat about Meghan and her estranged family on the Royal Box. As Yahoo! Style shared, public relations expert Nick Ede spilled the beans, to an extent, and royal watchers will be anxious to know more.

Ede said that he is pretty certain that all of the drama related to Meghan’s extended family is about to crank back up again. As the Inquisitr recently shared, Samantha is anxious to release a tell-all book that will supposedly reflect poorly on the pregnant duchess. However, it looks like this dramatic, headline-generating half-sister isn’t stopping there.

The PR expect teased that Samantha has apparently already filmed a reality television show of sorts. While he wouldn’t or couldn’t share specifics, he made it clear that more drama related to Meghan and the Markle family will probably emerge as a result.

Ede said that it’s a new show put together by Endemol, a Dutch-based media entity known as the company behind Big Brother and a number of other big shows. In other words, if Endemol is involved, it’s probably going to be something big and juicy.

Honey notes that this isn’t the first time there have been rumblings about Samantha doing some sort of reality TV show. There had been talk she was considering the last season of Celebrity Big Brother in the U.K., and there was some buzz that she might do some sort of Kardashian-style series focusing on the Markles.

In this case, however, Ede signals that the show Samantha is doing has already been filmed, thus it’s a done deal. If Meghan’s half-sister does pop up on reality TV, she won’t be the first extended family member to follow that path. Tyler Dooley, a nephew to Meghan and Samantha, has been seen on MTV’s Royal World talking about some of the family drama.

For the most part, the Duchess of Sussex seems to be doing her best to ignore the drama her half-sister Samantha Markle and the rest of her extended family continually generates. If this reality television show featuring Samantha does hit television screens, fans of the royals hope that Meghan and Prince Harry can take it in stride and continue to keep Samantha and the other troublemakers at a distance.