National Climate Assessment Warns Of Worse Extreme Weather Disasters, Contradicts President Trump

Jim Lo Scalzo-Pool/David McNewGetty Images

In the wake of the California wildfires, a federal report on climate change warned that the United States will continue to experience even more extreme disasters as a result of the changing weather. The information detailed in the missive directly contradicts President Donald Trump’s thoughts on the matter.

According to an AP News report, on Friday, the White House quietly released the data from the National Climate Assessment. The study’s authors believe that releasing the details on Black Friday was an attempt by the Trump administration to bury the conclusions, as well as suppress the climate science included in it. The report had a December release date originally.

Scientists and officials from 13 federal agencies collaborated on the paper, and it was written before California experienced the inferno that left such devastation in the Golden State. Even Hurricanes Florence and Michael were not included in the write-up’s evaluation of severe weather situations in the U.S.

According to the report, climate change is to blame for the recent disasters.

“Warmer and drier conditions have contributed to an increase in large forest fires in the western United States and interior Alaska.”

Even though it doesn’t include the most recent climate-related disasters, the missive said that such events “have already become more frequent, intense, widespread or of long duration.”

“We are seeing the things we said would be happening, happen now in real life. As a climate scientist, it is almost surreal,” report co-author Katharine Hayhoe of Texas Tech University said.

What’s worse is the cost of the damage caused by extreme weather disasters. The tally of the destruction since 2015 is a stunning $400 billion. Report authors also indicate that the instances of such weather-related damage will continue to get worse in the U.S.

In addition to the cost in dollars, there’s also a cost to the health of people living in the U.S. Especially when it comes to wildfires; air quality quickly becomes hazardous to health. Polluted air can cause heart and lung problems. Plus, extreme weather gives rise to more insect related illnesses and allergies. Also, heat-related deaths may rise as areas experience more and longer heatwaves.

“Climate change is transforming where and how we live and presents growing challenges to human health and quality of life, the economy, and the natural systems that support us.”

Since 1900, the 48 contiguous states have risen in temperate an average of 1.8 degrees, and 1.2 degrees of the warmup occurred within the last few decades.

Of course, Friday’s report is in direct opposition to the president’s recent tweet.

“Brutal and Extended Cold Blast could shatter ALL RECORDS – Whatever happened to Global Warming?” Trump wrote.

The writers of the report anticipated those types of comments and included an answer within the document.

“Over shorter timescales and smaller geographic regions, the influence of natural variability can be larger than the influence of human activity. Over climate timescales of multiple decades, however, global temperature continues to steadily increase.”

Ultimately, the government report concluded that more than 90 percent of the climate change is caused by the actions of humans.