Naomi Campbell Dons Lingerie & Lays On Table With Dessert

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Naomi Campbell let her fans know that she hopes everyone had a good Thanksgiving in her own way, and it’s got her followers buzzing. A new Instagram post shows the model wearing black lingerie as she lays on top of a fancy dining table that was filled with all sorts of dessert items. These included cakes, cupcakes, and cookies. The table was also set with several elegant candelabras, as Naomi looked regal in an elaborate necklace. Her long hair cascaded down to the table, as her left leg was partially covered by a white, furry blanket.

Fans reacted with compliments like “perfect,” “This is such a vibe,” and “such an ICON.” Plus, a couple of days ago, Naomi shared a selfie where she wore some dark eye makeup and an off-the-shoulder top. Someone commented that the model had “found the fountain of youth,” while someone else asked, “How is it possible that you just keep getting more and more beautiful?”

In other news, as a model that has been around over the years, Campbell had some interesting insights about how the industry had changed since the ’90s, detailed Fashion Magazine.

“It’s changed obviously cause it’s a business and it’s much more corporate and things have evolved much on a faster level. Magazines are now digital, there’s much more social media and things that were not there before. You still have to do the foundation, which is the basis of getting the imagery done. Then it takes another life of its own.”

And indeed, social media in particular has completely changed how models interact with fans and represent themselves to the public.

In addition, Naomi was asked about what she missed from her earlier days in the modeling world.

“For me, I have relationships with people that I’ve had since I was 16, which is wonderful, so I get to see them and spend time with them. A lot of people that were part of my career growing up are no longer here with us. Obviously I miss those people very much in my life.”

And with all that being said, it looks like Naomi is keeping her legacy going. Her fans have also noticed how the model appears to be ageless, as she looks as fabulous now as she ever did.

In addition, fans can likely look forward to more holiday-themed posts, considering Campbell just shared a Christmas-inspired photo a few days ago. She wore a Burberry lace dress with a lingerie-like corset With was paired with black, shiny heels.

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