‘General Hospital’ Weekly Spoilers: Laura Reacts, Curtis Has Bad News, And ‘CarSon’ Faces Chaos

Valerie DurantABC

General Hospital spoilers for the week of November 26 tease that there’s a lot of intense action on the way. Jordan and Curtis are about to get married, Sasha and Valentin are discussing their collaboration, and Josslyn knows that Oscar is sick. In addition, Laura faced a stunner when she walked in on “Kevin” giving Ava a kiss and this will lead to a lot of drama. Where do things head next for everybody in Port Charles?

According to She Knows Soaps, viewers will see awkward moments at the Quartermaine mansion as everybody gathers for Thanksgiving as Ned will be anxious about having Julian there. Kim is facing disappointment and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Laura will not hide her feelings about what she sees transpire between Ava and “Kevin.”

There are said to be a couple of close moments between Maxie and Peter in the coming week, but it doesn’t look as if they’ll venture into romance territory quite yet. Nina will take Charlotte to the ballet, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that she may face some tough moments during this outing. There are signs that Nina may face challenges on multiple fronts in the coming week and it seems she’ll need to have a serious discussion with Curtis.

Josslyn will push Oscar to tell her the truth about what has been going on and fans can expect fireworks as this plays out. Oscar may scramble and try to find a way to avoid telling Josslyn the truth about having cancer, but it looks like she will push until she gets the real story about all that’s been happening. In addition, Soap Central reveals that there are scenes between Anna and Britt coming up, and fans are ready to see more of Britt now that the actress is back.

Jordan and Curtis will seemingly tie the knot as their wedding proceeds, but General Hospital spoilers note that he’ll have bad news to share with someone late in the week. Separately, Griffin is facing bad news himself, perhaps about his reinstatement, and Kim and Drew will try to reconnect with Oscar.

There are some Sonny and Carly developments this week too, and they are said to face some difficult decisions. The buzz is that there’s a fresh crisis on the way for these two, but it’s not clear exactly what’s going to go down or what kind of decisions they’ll need to make.

Elizabeth will continue to try to figure out what’s bothering Aiden so much and General Hospital spoilers hint that Ryan’s pursuit of Ava will become increasingly intense. It looks like all of this action will pave the way to an exciting month of December filled with action and fans can’t wait to see where things head next.