Rita Ora Posts Various Pics With Fans On Instagram And Sends A Warm Thank-You Message To Her Supporters


After leaving many fans disappointed because of a lip-sync fail during her live Macy’s Parade performance on Thursday, November 22, Rita Ora won the love of her fans back on Friday as she made an appearance at HMV, in Liverpool One, for the release of her second album Phoenix.

Per an article by the Liverpool Echo, hundreds of excited fans queued up to purchase the new album and get a photo taken with the mega-selling pop star.

Rita dressed herself up in a simple white one-shoulder outfit and accessorized with some dazzling silver drop earrings and lots of rings. Ora accentuated her features with soft pink eyeshadow, lots of mascara, and a rose pink lip color.

In the series of photographs and a video that she posted on Instagram, she is featured hugging her fans and taking selfies with them. In the video, she is featured signing an album for a fan. The post in question garnered more than 12,000 likes within a few minutes and fans appreciated Rita for being so down-to-earth.

“We will never let you down, Rita,” one of her fans wrote in the comments section. “Was such a pleasure to meet you today and what a kind woman,” another fan wrote who apparently met Rita at HMV Liverpool.

Others who visited HMV to meet Rita and buy the album included Troy, 19, who told the Liverpool Echo that he’s “been a fan of Rita’s for at least six years.”

In the caption, Rita thanked her fans — whom she calls Ritabots — and said that she can’t thank them enough for their love and support.

“It was amazing to see faces that I already knew and also all the new faces!” she said, adding that it was an emotional day for her.

As for Rita’s new album Phoenix, it has received very good reviews so far. According to an article by The Independent, Rita had to face various ups and down before releasing the album because of lawsuits with her former label that stunted the momentum.

The album — which she dubbed her “great rebirth” — turned out to be “surprisingly coherent” after all the stuttering, protracted process that it’s been through before release, the report said.

Amid some great tracks, Phoenix also contains a track called “Lonely Together,” which Rita produced last year alongside the late Swedish producer Avicii. In an interview with the Evening Standard, Ora said that she has included the track in the album to pay her tribute to Avicii who died in April this year, per The Independent.

“We were very good friends and he changed my life. In a way, the album is dedicated to him.”