TNA News: Update On Future Of TNA Wrestling, Done In The Eyes Of Many?

TNA Wrestling has been known to do some surprising things over the years. Most memorably, they bring in big names in the world of pro-wrestling, which never seem to help them improve ratings. It was a hope, but it never seemed to work out. Regardless, they kept on doing it, and eventually, this led to internal issues. On top of that, the money spent was causing issues with debt for TNA. Now, they are letting contracts run out and they do not seem to be planning to sign anyone else to a new deal. Instead, TNA plans to do per date material.

According to Cageside Seats, there are many with feel that TNA is pretty much done. They are doing a ton of TV tapings, hoping that they can get a good television deal in future. However, they have no clear plan of what is coming. This has led to many issues within TNA, as talent and some in management have left the company over so much turmoil. Others are simply waiting until their deal comes up to run.

People like Jeff Hardy may very well end up with WWE next year, as his contract expires. WWE wanted to bring him in for just TV spots at one point, with only a few live events. So if WWE wants to give Hardy a Chris Jericho or RVD type of schedule, one would imagine that he would jump at the chance to take it. However, there isn't much freedom while under the deal.

RVD and Jericho have seemingly adjusted to it well, however, so this could be the plan for Hardy if WWE wants to take him back. Triple H has always been a fan, so this is very possible. Others like Ken Anderson could make his way back, but this is doubtful after his exit years ago. There is still some tension on Anderson's part, it seems.

TNA being pretty much done opens up their current roster for a lot of things. Many have departed and either went to Japan, ROH, or even GFW. Since GFW and TNA are working together, this actually works for TNA. They get to keep many of their stars in a way. However, once the rivalry ends, the same GFW members will be with them and not with TNA.

The future of TNA looks dim. They are hoping to survive on their overseas television deals. The problem is that this cannot work for them long-term if they want to keep the same type of talent. TNA is essentially an indie company now. So, they are losing a lot, even with Panda Energy backing them. One has to imagine how long TNA has before they die off. There is hope they will survive, but there isn't a lot of it.

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