Top 5 Gifts For Your Four-Legged Friends

Everyone loves unwrapping gifts, even if you don't have thumbs. However, don't fret if you haven't purchased any present for your pets yet, because we've put together a top five list of gifts you can get for your four-legged friends.

1. Cat and Dog Water Fountain

Giving your beloved pets clean water prevents harmful contaminants from making them sick -- and will also increase their lifespan. What better gift can you give them than that? Amazon has knocked 38 percent off of the price of the PetSafe Drinkwell Original Cat and Dog Water Fountain for a savings of $24.04 below their regularly listed price of $49.99. The fountain holds 50 ounces of water, and it's made for cats and small dogs.

2. Dog Food and Treats for Large Dogs

Large pooches eat a lot of grub, right? It also seems like every time you turn around, your big dogs have gone through their supply of treats and dog food. There's a solution for that, and now is the perfect chance to stock up on large supplies of dog food and dog treats while pet stores are slashing prices on them. For instance, you can get $7 off brands like Authority Large Breed Mature Dog Bags of Dog Food while Petsmart's after-Thanksgiving sale promotion lasts. Petsmart is also offering free shipping for online purchases over $49.

3. Unique Cat Toys

Calico kitten playing with long, fuzzy toy

JCPenney is having the ultimate in Black Friday sales for cat toys this weekend. From the Iconic Pet Bluetooth Mouse Hunter Interactive Techno Toy that's listed for the extreme value of $41.99 to the Pet Life Jute And Rope Plush Doll Mannequin that has $5 marked off of JCPenney's list price of $16.99, you'll find fun toys that will keep kitty from being bored. They are offering free shipping for online purchases over $49, as well.

4. Doggy DNA Test Kit

Mixed breed dog enjoying time outside with owner

To many of us, our mutts are members of our family, so why not treat them to some DNA testing this holiday season? Embark is offering their Dog DNA Test Kit with $40 knocked off the regular list price of $199 on Amazon. You'll also get free delivery on Sunday if you order soon, and choose November 23 when you check out. Embark's DNA test is easily administered with a cheek swab -- and besides knowing what breed and genetic ancestry your canine friend holds as a pedigree, you'll be be provided with some vital health detection results.

5. Ugly Holiday Cat Sweater

Pretty kitten curled up in red sweater material
Ugly holiday sweater is not pictured above.

Mom and dad's ugly holiday cat sweaters have become iconic symbols, so why not purchase one for your kitty? This crochet sweater for cats, via Etsy, is a fun choice for your four-legged friend, and also looks adorable in holiday photos. If you want to buy the hat that comes with it, it's $9 more.

Sizes run from small to large.

Honorable Mentions

Pigs, rabbits, lizards, ferrets, and other exotic pets have four legs, so we don't want to forget them. Petful has you covered, and you can check out their nifty gift ideas for merchandise that's geared toward exotic pets.