Couple Ejected From Front Row Of Metal Concert For Having Sex

Tim P. Whitby Getty Images

Popular metal band Machine Head is currently on the road, and they just played a show in San Diego, California, where things got a little crazier than normal. During the band’s set, a couple got a little too into the show — and ended up finding themselves removed from the venue for having sex, as reported by Louder Sound. Even crazier, the couple was actually in the front row!

The band is currently almost at the end of its Freaks & Zeroes tour. The concert in question emanated from the House Of Blues in San Diego.

On the craziness of the concert, the band said, “When a guy and gal get ejected for having sex during ‘Davidian’ (in the front row no less!?) you know it’s gonna complete insanity! *no joke!*… WOW, what a welcome back you gave us, we are blown away!”

Machine Head hadn’t played a concert in San Diego in 11 years, and it sounds like the fans were extremely excited to see them again. The rest of the fans showed their excitement in a more traditional way — with mosh pits, by jumping up and down, conducting sing-a-longs, and the like — but one couple took their excitement to the extreme. Perhaps they were just exhibitionists looking for a thrill. One could make the argument, however, that they didn’t get their money’s worth — since they missed the headlining act.

“San Diego, after an 11 year break from each other, you are officially ‘un-fired’! Hands down the best show we have EVER played in your amazing city, and one of the wildest and rowdiest of the entire tour! Thank you all so much for an UNFORGETTABLE night of raging!”

This is Machine Head’s final tour with its current lineup, as Phil Demmel and Dave McClain are leaving the band once the tour wraps up at Catalyst, in Santa Cruz, on November 24. Guitarist Demmel has been in the band for 15-years, and he’s issued a statement saying that it’s just time for him to move on to other music projects.

Overall, it sounds like it was quite an epic concert, which is great for the band’s final tour with this lineup. It appears that fans are sending them off with a big supply of crazy, which is how most metal bands want to go out.

Wrapping up their thoughts on the show, the band said, “Epic circle pits, the jumping was crazy, boobies, sing-a-longs, crowd-surfing-mania, couples having sex!!?”

Sounds almost like a riot!