The Internet Goes Crazy Over The Editing Fails In 'The Princess Switch'

This year's most talked about holiday film The Princess Switch premiered on Netflix November 16. Actress Vanessa Hudgens stars in the film, playing a dual character role. The movie follows two girls living very different lives who just so happen to look exactly the same. The theme is similar to The Parent Trap, in that both girls bump into each other in unusual circumstances and then decide to swap lives temporarily.

Hudgens plays the role of Stacey De Novo, a hardworking Chicago baker invited to a prestigious baking competition in the fictional kingdom of Belgravia. While abroad, Stacey accidentally bumps into Lady Margaret Delacourt, the Duchess of Montenaro, also played by Hudgens. The duchess convinces a hesitant Stacey to go along with a scheme to switch places with her so that she can enjoy a couple days out of the spotlight. As you might expect, things soon get very complicated, as the girls realize they prefer their new lives to their former ones.

The movie is made complete by romantic interests played by Sam Palladio and Nick Sagar. However, chatter on social media has been less focused on the romance than on the film's apparent editing errors. According to Vogue Australia, many viewers are taking to social media to laugh over the film's variety of editing blunders. Many noticed that they forgot to edit out a tattoo on Hudgens hand, which is mysteriously there in some scenes while gone in others.

"They forgot to cover up Vanessa Hudgens' hand tattoo when she's in character as a duchess with a questionable British accent," one Twitter user said.

There was also a pretty evident slip-up during the snowball fight scene.

"Who edited The Princess Switch? In the 'snowball fight' scene, the camera pans out and shows a number of pre-made snowballs in front of one of the character's feet," wrote one user.

Perhaps the most obvious blunder is made in the final scene, in which editors fail to edit Hudgens face onto her body double's.

Despite the errors, people seem to be enjoying the romantic, holiday-themed film. Whether it be because they find the mistakes humorous, or because everyone loves a good lighthearted, somewhat cheesy film around the holidays. The film has done very well in it's first few weeks.

Upon laughing about a few of the editing blunders that even her young children caught, one mother praised the film on Twitter saying, "Anyway, my kids and I loved it! Nothing like a romantic christmas flick to start the holidays!!"