Blac Chyna Promoting Skin Lightening Cream She Doesn’t Even Use, ‘TMZ’ Reports

Blac Chyna has been receiving lots of backlash for promoting a skin lightening cream collaboration with a brand called Whitenicious but there are new reports that she doesn’t even use the product.

According to TMZ, insiders have said that Chyna was offered a lucrative deal to promote the cream which is called “Whitenicious X Blac Chyna Diamond Illuminating & Lightening Cream.” They claim that that the money is the only reason why Dream Kardashian’s mother is promoting the product. The lightening cream which carries her name has never touched her skin, TMZ’s source asserted

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Blac Chyna posted a glitzy ad for the product on her Instagram page a couple of days ago. The caption promoted a shopping event in Nigeria where the cream would be sold.

Whitenicious is a brand of skin lightening products helmed by Nigerian-Cameroonian entertainer Dencia, whose skin looks alabaster white in photos on the brand’s website.

According to Okay Africa, she started the company four years ago and maintains, that despite reports to the contrary, her skin lightening creams are FDA compliant and do not harm the skin.

Some skin lightening products have been banned in certain African countries because they contain hydroquinone, a chemical that stops the production of melanin.

“Whitenicious is FDA compliant made in FDA approved labs, whitenicious has been examined by the FDA, whitenicious is Nafdac registered and tested etc,” Dencia tweeted on November 21 in response to criticism of the Blac Chyna collaboration. “Please show me the people who can shut this down let me help them try.”

She also went on to claim that her “skincare” products are all organic and do not contain ingredients like parabens or mercury.

Despite her claims, several Nigerians and Nigerian-Americans continued to decry the fact that Blac Chyna’s lightening cream pop-up shop was being held in Nigeria.

“Anybody who attends this rubbish might as well commit suicide,” wrote Nigerian singer Burna Boy, as reported by Okay Africa. “Blacc Chyna please don’t come to my Home and sell your Poison. Because the thunder that will fire you is wearing that big Balenciaga trainers. Ladies, your black is beautiful!”

Nigerian-American beauty influencer Jackie Aina also slammed Dencia and Blac Chyna’s collab. In one tweet, she also dropped a gossipy tidbit about Whitenicious’ founder.

“The girl who started this brand is now off calling me a horse face,” Aina tweeted. “I wasn’t a horse face back in the day when she was in my inbox practically begging me to do her makeup for free. Interesting.”

TMZ’s source added that Blac Chyna uses some of Whitenicious’ products for reducing her hyperpigmentation. She just doesn’t use the lightening cream that she’s promoting.