Rumors That Meghan Markle Is Having Twins Circulate, Betting Increases

Is Meghan Markle having twins? It looks like some people believe this is so, as bookmakers were forced to suspend the betting on twins for Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's forthcoming birth.

Friday morning something sparked an abnormal amount of bets on Meghan Markle giving birth to a set of twins. Paddy Power, the Irish bookmakers, said the number of bets skyrocketed this morning with people putting their money on twins for the royal couple.

According to Express, the odds were at 5/1 when the bookmakers stopped taking the bets. A spokesperson for Paddy Power explained what happened.

"An unprecedented amount of bets on Meghan and Harry to have twins has forced us to stop taking bets on the market altogether this morning."
The spokesperson also said that this sudden surge of bets looks like someone knows something that they don't.

They suggest that perhaps an inside source knows something that's getting around. Either way, whether it's a rumor or not, the bets surged as it looks like people suddenly believe Meghan is pregnant with twins.

The bet was suspended on Friday morning, which means you can no longer bet on the royal couple having twins. With that said, there's still plenty of bets to place your money on when it comes to the birth of Meghan and Harry's baby.

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle walk a wooded path.
Getty Images | Kirsty Wigglesworth
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

What the royal couple will name their baby offers a big selection of bets. According to Express, Diana remains the favorite at 8/1 for a girl's name if Meghan and Harry have a daughter. If their firstborn child is a boy, Arthur is a popular name at 12/1. Alice sits at 12/1 also, which is another top name if the baby should be a girl.

Edward and Elizabeth sit at 16/1 as popular names when it comes to the betting as well. While most sites are reporting the popular names, what about the ones people don't think will make it?

It looks like Boris with odds at 200/1 isn't a popular baby name bet. The same goes for Donald, which is at 250/1. Then there's a 500/1 name and with odds like that, you know it's not popular. That name would be Paddy.

Folks would love to see Meghan and Prince Harry name their daughter Diana if their first child happens to be a girl. The late Princess Diana is not only missed by her sons, but by the world as well.

The social media sites are filled with suggestions that the couple honors the baby with the name Diana if it is a girl. Many feel a loving legacy would be passed along with that name. Harry adored his mom, so if the baby is a girl many feel the baby's name will be Diana.