‘It Was Never Fun To Party With Ozzy Osbourne’ Claims Singer’s Former Guitarist Jake E. Lee

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Ozzy Osbourne is the last person you’d want to have a drinking session with, according to the singer’s former guitarist Jake E. Lee, who claims the notorious wild man of rock is one mean drunk.

The Black Sabbath singer was once well known as one of heavy metal’s chief hell-raisers, but apparently when the party-mad metalhead was in his cups even Lucifer’s own lieutenants would wish they were on the side of the angels.

Classic Rock reports that one of Ozzy’s former axeman said in an interview that, “It was never fun to party with Ozzy.

“Ozzy, when he’s sober, is a sweet, funny guy. He’s like one of the funniest guys I’ve ever met. He’s just fun to be around when he’s sober. And he is for a little bit, just a tiny bit of a window there, where he starts drinking and he’s still fun. … Then he just … a switch goes off and he’s just, he’s not fun. He is not fun. He turns mean. And just ugly… If anything, seeing that made me cut back on the amount of partying I did. Yeah, it never was fun to party with Ozzy.”

Jake E. Lee served for a stint in Ozzy’s band during the 1980s and one of his abiding memories is what an unpleasant character Ozzy became whilst under the influence.

He also recalls how Ozzy would demand entry into his room in the early hours of the morning because he had an idea for a song he wanted to work on.

Jake explained that he’d be looking to get some quality pillow time in preparation for the grind of the next day when Ozzy would begin banging relentlessly on his door. Upon opening it, Ozzy would barge in like a man possessed and shout about how he had an idea for a new song he wanted to work on.

Ozzy Osbourne talking into a microphone at a press conference
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Jake would diligently fetch his guitar but once he was ready to rock, Ozzy would just apparently sit there generating the most incomprehensible sounds.

Jake revealed, “I’d sit there trying and, oh God… After about the third time that it happened, I turned my tape recorder on so I could record all of it. And I’d play it back for him the next day, and he just looked at me and just said, ‘Oh, I am sorry. It will never happen again.’ And thank God it didn’t.”

Of course, Ozzy did a lot of crazy things when intoxicated, but perhaps the most memorable was the day when he dressed up in his wife Sharon’s frilly frock and urinated on the walls of the Alamo.

It was 10 long years before Ozzy was forgiven by the Lone Star State and allowed to play in San Antonio again.